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Theme Park Studio - New Plugin For "Your World" Announced

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Hi Everyone, I wanted to share an update about Theme Park Studio by Pantera, in case you had not heard or seen by now, they have created a Theme Park Studio plugin for a new title called "Your World" and it looks fantastic! The developer reached out to the TPS Platinum backers recently to share some art and videos and we were amazed at what the small development team has done over the past year. Many of us who were active with TPS in the past knew that live parks were being worked on, but after seeing some of the screens and videos of the new builder it exceeded anything we expected. The TPS plugin for 'Your World' is free to Platinum backers, and the 'Your World Player' will be free for all. Platinum backers will be among the first to test the Player piece we are being told.


From the facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/YourWorldBuilder/ , looks like Your World is using Unreal and has a brand new modern user interface, new trees and bushes that are amazing, new easy to use path'ing system with voxel terrain, content sharing, and other cool features. More than just a theme park simulator now looks like it's a social platform/world builder where worlds can be shared interactively with many activities including paint ball, hang gliding, jet ski racing, theme parks, and more. My first thought after seeing some of the tropical screens was botanical garden builder!


If you want to follow the development checkout the facebook page above. Will try to post updates here If I see them as well. 80 Level did a preview with the developer, it's also on the facebook page but here's the link to that also;

(The Facebook post received 440 likes and the article over 600 shares!)



Lakeside Park Video:



Builder/Editor Video:



Some screenshots:








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Two more bits of news and both involve the Disney recreation .......


1) Attractions Magazine mentioned "Your World" in a recent write up. You can see the article here



2) A new video was just posted to the "Your World" facebook page. @DPEarchive (

) has been working with the Your World team and released an updated video on the Disney World recreation from 1979. Amazing is an understatement. Checkout it out!



Edit*** DPEarchive sent me an email with a link to his YouTube site, there were several videos of his project I'm seeing for the first time. Here's a link, give him some likes for his amazing work and checkout some of his other videos of the Disney recreation. His twitter account is listed above for anyone that wants to follow his amazing work.


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New video has been posted showing the paintball course construction part 1 of 3. Checkout the terraforming ray gun!


From the video

"In this next video series we will be building a tropical resort with jet skiing, hang gliding, an awesome wooden coaster, a huge go kart track, and a massive paintball course with some seriously fun platforming.

Due to the massive size of the paintball course, we have broken the construction into 3 videos.



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Looks like they are accepting signup for network testing to begin soon. Anyone interested see the facebook page, another video was posted of the paintball course and is pretty nice, even the water appeared to have collision with objects placed in it and creating the river and scenery seems pretty easy with a great result.



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I just want to give this a quick bump here; I was just testing this earlier tonight, and anyone here into amusement park simulations absolutely should be keeping an eye on this. It has so, /so/ much potential right now. We just did a short test in a park with a wooden roller coaster, go karts, and hang gliders; all of them are just so much fun to play around with. The graphics are far better than any of the other big amusement park games, the ride/vehicle physics are fantastic (apart form a few bugs with the go-karts so far!), the social bits like the voice chat and lip sync seem to work seamlessly. This really needs to have more people following it and helping spread interest; with some support this project could be something amazing.

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I'd also like to say I've had a lot of fun trying out the new game. You guys might remember the live parks project for theme park studio. This takes the same concept into unreal (a much prettier world than tps ever offered) and adds many new features.


I've had a great time with some old friends in your world. Of course I'm partial to the coasters and theme park aspect. But the go karts, hang gliders etc add a fun competitive aspect. Invite some friends and you've got a really great party game.


I'm not sure if testing is open to the public (I know tps backers are getting invites). But if you're invited to try it, you should come hang out with us!

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We are testing each Wednesday and Saturday now. See the Facebook page for details and to sign up, prizes are starting to be given away for high scores on go karts and hang gliding. Here's a video from today's testing someone actually figure out we could fly the hang glider under the go kart bridge !



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This Saturday, DPEarchive's "Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World" will have it's first public test! While the park is still undergoing construction it's already an amazing fan made user re-creation. Testing will be limited to the first 20 people to join.


Details were just posted to the "Your World" Facebook page:


From the developer:

"For a limited time, if you are interested in joining our test group, riding some coasters, playing games, racing, and having a blast hanging out with a great community, send an email to panteragamestudio@gmail.com and we will update you on how to download the Your World player."

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What an amazing day, amazing work. Today we tested DPEarchive's (Todd West's) user made recreation of "Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World" in "Your World". Todd's spent years working on this on and off and we had a great turnout, everyone was blown away. Here's some video from today's alpha testing session.



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Happy 4th! The "Your World" test group has been testing the skydiving for the last few weeks and is ready to wrap it up along the original "Lakeside Park". Next I'm hearing we will be moving on to the opening of Redwood Park featuring platforming, simulators, and paintball showing the versatility of what will be possible to create in the "Your World" editor.


Redwood Park Platforming:


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This Saturday @DPEarchive's Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World will be reopening for a second time. If you missed it the first time and are interested in joining this time around get your headset and microphone ready and check out the video details on YouTube regarding how to sign up to help test this amazing park.



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