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Trying to look up info on a long defunct terrain coaster

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It's something that's been annoying me for this whole morning. I remember seeing aerial postcards of a wood coaster that's long been gone. Here is what I remember:


-It was a terrain coaster, mostly out and back

-It existed some time in the first half of the 20th century, I'm almost positive it was around at least in the 1920's - 1940's.

-It might have had a double down early on in the ride.

-The most notable feature was that there were two drops about at the end of the ride that went down a ravine, and they were absolute monsters, and made it the tallest coaster in the world at the time (somewhere in the 120 - 140 foot range, IIRC around 130 feet.) These drops were gently turning without banking, kind of like the first drop on the Coney Island Cyclone but a bit more pronounced. It definitely wasn't Kennywood if anyone was thinking that it might have been.

-The park that the ride was at is also long gone.


I think I may have seen pictures of it in either Scott Rutherford's "The American Roller Coaster" or Robert Coker's "Roller Coasters: A Thrillseeker's Guide to the Ultimate Scream Machines" but I got rid of my copies of those a long time ago and I don't want to buy them again just to recall this coaster.

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I remember a point in time when I confused the Woodcliff Blue Streak with the Conneaut Lake Blue Streak. I watched a pov one day and thought, "Man, this looks waaaaaaaaaay different than the picture from that book I once had."

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