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"Bred of steel, heart that's real."


SteelHeart, the first-ever Giga coaster from KG, is a massive 7,745 ft. undertaking. Climbing 350 ft. with a 365 ft., 99 mph drop into a ravine, SteelHeart would be the tallest, fastest, and longest Giga coaster in the world if ever constructed. Pulling +4.5G at it's horseshoe turn and -1.15G on the first airtime hill, a ride of steel may be common, but with a heart and intensity like this one, nothing can compare.


Inspired by Giga coasters such as Leviathan, Fury 325, and Millennium Force, SteelHeart is a melange of multiple well-known Giga coaster elements that place emphasis on speed, forces, and high-energy thrills.


The name - SteelHeart - is a combination of two things. While Steel is hard, strong, and durable, Heart is passionate and intense; therefore, when combined, SteelHeart is meant to illustrate the power of steel, but the energy and intensity that ride along it's rails.


SteelHeart is a combination of two things that represent KG as well, as it was released on April 9, 2015 - KG's 20th birthday.


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