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[NL2] Dapalm's Construction Topic

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Well, I open this topic to post all my side projects. To start, here is an Intamin LIM coaster I had sitting in my hard drive. Trackwork isn't good (I made it in one day), and there is a section that doesn't pass the clearance test (just after the top hat), but I like the layout and it's almost finished, so I may release it. I'd like to redo the track to fix those errors, but I don't feel like redoing the entire track. Anyway, here is the pov:


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^ Thanks! I use Gerstlauer track as it ĺhas a better tie spacing, and that's why the transfer track is in that position. I mean, there are two tracks, one that marks the train path (with the transfer in the right position) and another coaster for the track itself.


Some more progress:









Max speed: 110km/hora

Max height: 48m

Lenght: 1100m

Max G force (positive/negative/lateral): +4,5G/-1,5G/1G

2 Inversions (Immelmann, Zero G roll)

6 Airtime moments

1 Stengel Dive


I think NL2 terrain editor is underused, and it's a shame, because it can make great things, so I'll be experimenting with it on this ride. I've also chosen a name, Babieca (El Cid's horse), and there will be a medieval castle theming. Here is a bunch of pictures:











Updated preview pov:


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