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One year is a long time. In between 365 days, a person can change totally or remain nonetheless the same. For me, personally, a lot happened; I changed my lifestyle, I changed my outlook on the world, and I changed my preferences. For one thing, griffonj2022 slowly faded into the background. That “alter-ego”, so to say, is in the dark.


My initials are what I’ll go by for now, and my new project, KG X NL2, is a body of work that I can finally place my real name upon. After designing over 80 rides and picking out the best ones, KG X NL2 is a film that will encompass four parts. PART I – LUNATION will be coming soon. I'm not announcing when either...


I’ve learned a lot over the past year – I went away to college, became more independent, and went through experiences that have taught me more than my education could. These experiences have shaped the track listing and plot line for KG X NL2. I guess you could say its part biography, part documentary, + mostly self-experience; however, it all culminates into entertaining, intense rides with accompanying music. I’ve also learned that not setting deadlines allows for much more creative freedom and time for perfection. When you watch KG X NL2, everything will be exactly how I intended it to be.


KG X NL2 takes me into uncharted territory: a new game, new music, new ideas, and most of all, new fun. I want you all to experience this with happy intentions. Even though some of the material is darker than what I’ve done before, it’s all part of the story, so sit down, grab some headphones, and press play. It’s going to be an exciting ride.


- KG



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Lunation is defined as the 29 days that it takes the moon to go through all of it’s cycles. From waxing to waning, the moon transforms before our eyes every month. PART I is titled LUNATION not only because of my avid interest in astronomy and the world beyond, but because it illustrates the idea that everything in this world is cyclical. We live, we die; we breathe in only to exhale; we leave home and eventually return – everything is performed in a cycle. LUNATION sets out to express this idea while also commencing the project and it’s overarching theme. If you can find it in PART I, the remaining three parts will make much more sense. AURA sets out to uncover myself, VENUS prays to the extraterrestrial goddess of love, and DARK HORSE warns those of its power. All of these ideas culminate into PART I – LUNATION, a part near and dear to my heart that’s stuck with me all summer.


And it’s released…




taking flight across the night sky…




- KG

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Here are some outtakes from KG X NL2 that are just for fun and your entertainment. Since I'm away at school, I won't have as much time to work on PART II, but don't worry, it's in the works! Things should be picking up again soon, and PART II - ORIGINATION will be dropping next year. PART III will be following as well, and possibly even PART IV by the end of next year. Hope that you enjoy the film project as much as I do, and until then, keep an eye on the moon...lunation is a fickle thing, always watching where you are.


- KG

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