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[RCT3] Walaba Lake Park

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I've given up on my last project, Catskill's Dam. I really thought that it was below my RCT3 level and plus it had a horrible storyline. After that I felt my RCT3 skills weren't being used to it's fullest. I've decided to get a fresh start with a new park, but with a twist. Since I'm good with RCT3 but I suck at developing the story I've teamed with one of my friends on another forum site to develop the story line while I build the park in RCT3. Obviously this requires a lot of effort to communication and preplanning. we've been working on the park for a while now and we wanted to get way ahead since it takes a while to build anything.


Walaba Lake Park is a picnic park generating from 1913! Located in Pittsburg PA, In the Golden Age of roller coasters, Walaba just could not stay in the times. Jack Rabbit at Kennywood and Thunderbolt at Kennywood just killed the park's popularity. They could not afford an actual roller coaster or ride for that matter. The park went bankrupt after being overshadowed in 1927. In 1928, it was announced the park would be closing and the land would be up for sale. After 3 years of unsuccessful sales, an entrepreneur named Harold Williamsburg came to the rescue. The park installed a carousel, picnic grove, and a large wooden coaster for it's reopening in 1930. Plus, the original entrance was restored to its original state and color. More trees were planted to have the best fun and scenic experience possible.


The wooden coaster was still overshadowed in 1930. Word needed to get out to compete with Kennywood.


It was advertised like this on radios in 1931:

"You thought Coney Island Cyclone or Racer at Kennywood was intense? Well, then take a ride on this thrill! This ride will send you through screamingly amazing drops, astounding twists and turns, and intense negative and lateral G's! Come ride the new ride, "The Coaster!" Only found at Walaba Lake Park in Pittsburgh PA!"


Guests instantly started flowing into the park. This skyscraper of a coaster was booming over the other parks! Guests started to want a name though.


After months of voting for the name, "Walaba Lake Flitzer" was confirmed! In 1931, the new name was branded with a sign in front of the ride.


Unfortunately, on September 14, 1931, a woman was ejected from the ride due to the extreme negative G's. New restraints were a side effect and nothing was the same for the Flitzer.


There were now seat belts on the Flitzer. The ride experience was changed, but for most enthusiasts, for the better. They felt more secure and safe and much more happy with their hands up.


The Flitzer did its job bringing in $1,000,000 dollars in the first 2 years of operation at $0.25 a ride!

Crowds flocked to The Flitzer after the radio campaign,

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This is a beautifully decorated park. Lots of shrubs, flowers and trees. Creates a very cozy and secluded backdrop for the park. The pavilion area is my favorite, absolutely gorgeous. It's unfortunate the Walaba Lake Flitzer experiecned an ejection, but this goes to show how extreme the ride is. Luckily, only better restraints were added, and no trims.

Interesting that you chose the 1930's time period (Great Depression). This could be a rather difficult venture, but it should add some spice to the story.

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It's announcement day!! All coaster enthusiasts were thrilled to hear what was happening. Many enthusiasts around the world met at the park.


The radio media showed up to interview people.


News Host:"Welcome to Station 4 12 Noon news. Today we're here at Walaba Lake Park, which is announcing its prototype attraction, according to parks spokesman."


Harold Williamsburg: "Yes, we are very pleased to unfold our new attraction which will join our amazing lineup of rides, including the world class Walaba Lake Flitzer. Please tune in to the radio at 6 PM tonight for the huge news."


News Host: "Many enthusiasts are staring at that podium, anxious to see what happens. Henry Fitzgerald is a coaster enthusiast, but is excited for this regular ride nonetheless."


Henry: "It's always cool to see parks add newer and more futuristic attractions. Especially a park like Walaba who makes the most money I've ever seen in this depression in one place."


News Host: "As you can see, many wait anxiously, and 6 hours will slowly roll by. Tune in tonight at 6 PM for the HUGE announcement. Freddie Boxer, station 4 news."



6 hours later...


Harold Williamsburg: "Welcome guests, locals, enthusiasts, and the media to the unveiling of a new attraction here at Walaba Lake Park! We are pleased to add a ride to our line up, and we're sure it won't disappoint. Before we announce the ride experience, I just want to say this ride will make you nauseous. It will make you queasy. It will make you sick by just looking at it! This ride is intense. The most intense flat ride the world has seen! Now, onto our new attraction...




(Crowd screams with joy and excitement)


"This experience is truly horrifying, and high tech. Get in an enclosed tub and spin over dips and hills! Every hill, the more spinning you do! Feel amazing force against the seat as your tub spins crazily! Coming Spring 1933!"


Guests were amazed and couldn't wait for the new attraction.

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Trip report: William Silverstein, park guest.


April 17, 1933, tilt a whirls opening day!


Hey everyone! I am a serious coaster enthusiast. I have unfortunately been strongly hit by the Great Depression. I lost my job, my farm has closed, meaning my extra money is now gone, and our house needs help. Still, I couldn't say I was a coaster enthusiast without riding the Walaba Lake Flitzer, so I drove to Walaba Lake, which took 5 hours and LOTS of gas!


Arriving at the front gate, I instantly felt alive and well. This place looks like it was never hit by the depression! The entrance is like a beautiful castle. It's absolutely pristine. I wish more parks like this were still around!


Walking down the midway, the excitement only grew, I saw a fully packed midway, on a TUESDAY! That's a rare sight at any park in the Great Depression. I saw a nice little picnic grove. Its nice this park is home to really nice picnic tables. It's like the feeling Canobie Lake had before it fell under. Canobie shouldn't have relied on the trolley that much. The scenery was the best I've ever encountered. I already love Walaba Lake and I haven't ridden anything!


I saw a lot of signs around the midway advertising the new ride, the tilt-a-whirl. It looked pretty exciting. Although, I wasn't pleased to see someone puking outside the ride


Yeah... Needless to say I was a bit nervous to board. After three hours of waiting, I wasn't gonna call it quits now!


I took tub number 3. I pulled my bar down. I felt the palms of my hands slipping everywhere. I was sweating. I instantly felt funny. Something I've never had before. Adrenaline. The ride began moving, and I gripped the ride for dear life. All of a sudden, we were going over little dips and gliding through turns, picking up speed. It felt really tame. Don't let the beginning fool you! When the ride had full speed, the tubs were spinning at a rate which almost I couldn't even handle! I was pinned to my seat, my head being forced back. I was screaming, but I was forced back so much I didn't notice. I now was shaking, sweating, and I almost wanted to call it quits. Finally, the ride slowed down. I was extremely dizzy. I loved it. I think once a day is enough though. It's that intense.


Along with the brand new tilt-a-whirl the park unveiled a brand new bathroom this year. It's nice to see the park adding extra besides their major attraction. I always love capitol improvements even though some go unnoticed.



I went to eat at the cotton candy stand. I wanted something light. Love the new technology this stand has! The moving cotton candy is amazing.


Next I went to go on their classic carousel, which was absolutely stunning. Felt like something a city would maintain. Just amazing. Its a world class carousel. Looff did a nice job. Its a nice, and surprisingly fast carousel!




To end my day, I waited an extreme wait for the Walaba lake Flitzer. Its a world class coaster. But waiting for it, I saw a crowd. A mysterious crowd. A crowd that seemed to be anxious for something. They were all staring at a sign hanging right before the Flitzer. It was a teaser for a new attraction. The teaser said " Warning... Evacuations taking place at Walaba Lake Park in 1934..." With a picture of lightning and a plane? What could this mean?



Onto the Flitzer itself...

The Flitzer is definitely worth the status it has. It is extreme, full of positive and negative g's, and worthy of re rides. The second hill has absolutely insane ejector, and the banked turn following the hill has insane g's! I grayed out! Nice work Walaba for keeping this ride going strong! My only complaint is the brakes are too abrupt. Kinda hurts the back and neck.



All in all, a spectacular day at Walaba! Can't wait to go back when we have the money to!


Really though... What could that teaser

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Pittsburgh Daily Newspaper: 8/21/1933

"Your local paper for all your needs in the depression! Only a nickel a week!"




Following a successful season at Walaba Lake Park with the new innovative ride, "Tilt-A-Whirl", the park has been putting up teasers for next year's attraction. These teasers are everywhere throughout the park. One is on top of the Walaba Lake Flitzer stating "Warning: Evacuations taking place in Walaba Lake Park in 1934". There's lightning going toward a plane... what could this mean? It probably makes sense if we try hard to think it through...

Another teaser is in the middle of the midway. This teaser states "It's a long way down... can we make it? Walaba Lake Park 1934." With a picture of a parachute and a plane in a storm... What?


Guests stand baffled by these teasers. Today, Walaba placed up one more teaser following the announce September 1. This teaser states "A skydiving experience coming to Walaba Lake Park in 1934." This teaser has a picture of a person skydiving.


What is Walaba trying to aim at?


Walaba's doing a great job keeping this a secret. Is this a thrill ride? A family ride? A kiddie ride? Whatever it is, they're making it sound huge. September 1 at 6 PM the park will make their announcement.


As for now, Walaba's sent in a couple pictures of some construction going on... Wow!

Written By: Joel Felip

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CanobieFan has stepped away from the forums and is no longer going to be writing the story. If anyone is interested in writing the storyline please PM me. Basically all you have to do is write the updates and tell me what to build and make in game. If I don't find a writer I'll have to develop the story myself and the park will most likely go down the drain.

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I'm proud to introduce the new writer of Walaba Lake Park, ALT2870.

The story line may be a little bit off as we shift between writers.


Hello everybody, Harold Williamsburg here with our 1936 opening season. It has been a couple of years since we have added a ride, but it was worth it. The Great Depression as it is known has definitely came down hard on us but we have been able to fight back. Our punch this year towers above the rest literally. I am proud to introduce, Lightning Tower:




This is by far the most revolutionary rides that you will ever see.




Riders are hoisted up in no more then a park bench nearly 200 feet in the air. Then after what seems like hours, you a dropped down. But thanks to the canopy overhead, it is a nice slow descent. None the less your blood will be pumping in what only previously could be experience by so few.




This ride frames so beautifully our great park and can be spotted in many places due also in part to its bright paint scheme. Even so, I think it may stand out too much, but then in again, it does have lightning in its name.




Although some types of these rides have been attempted, we have brought it up to a whole new level. Unlike other attempts, we have opted for a support that is just a tube. This adds a level of thrill to what is already an amazing ride. Even from the top of Flitzer, you can spot it.




However in the first few opening days we have not seen big crowds as we would like.




Although the ride has a nice capacity, we do not think this is the cause of the problem.




I guess it very well could be that many people are scared of this ride. Not many people have seen something so big supported by so little.




Hopefully word will spread how great it is and it will pick up. Otherwise this would be bad news for the park. Speaking of it, maybe I should take my first ride...



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