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[RCT 3]Hersheypark:A Recreation With a Story.

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So I just had a thought of building up a recreation of Hersheypark. CPGemini08 inspired me to do so with his Gatekeeper Rec. that I thought "Why not make a recreation with all of the little details inside." Something that previous recreations I've seen of the park lacked. This isn't a normal recreation though, there is also a story line to spice it up a bit. It's the longest storyline I've ever written for one single update, so I hope you all enjoy reading it.



Spending my weekend stuffed up inside of a car moving to southern Pennsylvania isn't what I had in mind, but my dad recently got promoted, and was stationed in Philadelphia. I wasn't depressed about leaving my friend's behind in Tampa, or that I had to leave the tropical atmosphere and adapt to a newer more temperate zone. It was leaving my favorite amusement park behind. Busch Gardens was where I spent most of my childhood, I'm a rollercoaster fanatic so I knew every make and model of every single ride. Now what do I have to go to? The suburban sprawl, never to see another amusement park, let alone a fairground ride again?


"Dad, where exactly is our house?"


"It's just 50 miles outside of Philly."


"What's the landscape?"


"Theres a few suburbs scattered about, mostly countryside though. Guess what though?"




"Theres a park nearby in the town of Hershey."


Now, I always thought that Hershey was just a big name chocolate brand, but I never knew there was a town named after it, but it didn't stop there, a theme park was built in the town and it was pretty sizable.


"Could we possibly stop in for a quick look?"


"I don't know... I guess we could use a 'rest stop.'"


Soon I was on my way in the park, until I got to the main ticket building. All of the surrounding architecture was themed to a 1500s style English plaza. The ticket building was a large castle.



This was as far as I could go without actually entering the park. As I was leaving something else caught my eye. It was a tall yellow Intamin Mega-Lite. It had weird cars though.



Little did I know this would start a new family tradition.



Next time I should hopefully get a bit of Comet Hallow in depending of if its completed or not.

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