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Amsterdam to Toverland


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most (if not all) the snow in NL has melted away yesterday/today.. but new snow might be coming..

as far as i know.. Troy won't be running when it's freezing (might be a different temperature that's the precise limit)


New snow/frosty stuff is on it's way to NL


If you want to check out options to get to Toverland from amsterdam by public transporation..

try this site to plan your journey:


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First, Take the Intercity from Amsterdam Centraal to Eindhoven(Final dest. Maastricht/Heerlen). and from Eindhoven, Take the Intercity to Horst/Sevenum(Final dest. Venlo) Both trains go every half hour.


When you are in horst/sevenum, there goes a bus to Toverland. however there have been changes recently. you can look it up on http://9292ov.nl.


In the weekend, you have to call the following number to make a reservation for the bus, this must be done one hour in advance, (+31)(0)900 - 06 99. It might be an idea to call that number if you have trouble with the 9292ov site.

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