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Schwarzkopf CTR| Don't Panic! Taking a short break

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My very first ctr. I though since no one else would make one why not just make one myself.

I have some nose details done, and the wheels(not finished, but near completion).




Oh, and I have the front seats done. Still need restraints.

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Curious - why would you take the time to make this when there are already perfectly-good Schwarzkopf cars in-game?


Your time would probably be better spent making a CTR for the new Gerstlauer trains on Sooperdooperlooper.

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The chassis on the in-game one isn't right. And the wheels need to go into a little box type thing. The textures on the in-game one is very bad also.


I was also planning on doing the SDL trains, but that will happen after the release of these.



I have the beta restraints. I don't know about them though, as I couldn't find a reference.


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Short answer, yes. The exporter will read all squares as two triangles, and by reducing the number of squares you reduce triangles, and hence polygons will be lower.


Depending on the surface, a ton of defining edges aren't necessarily needed. You could cut down that nose indentation to probably about 6 triangles on each side and the majority of people won't be able to tell the difference. I'm sure you know the trick, before extrusion you can go into identity info and change the number of edges. You really don't need a ton. But be careful not to make it look too blocky when you do this... There's a happy medium! And also make sure that all your faces are white, not that darker tint, you can just highlight them, right click, and select reverse faces to do that.


I'm not sure how familiarized you are with sketch-up, so I apologize if this all sounds really dumbed down! Oh, and I really like the CTR, looks accurate by my eyes!

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I know the basic stuff. Push/pull, Curves, ect. I just never went further into it. This is my first time doing so, and I'm learning with this CTR. I do believe the number of edges on those circles is 6. Either that or 12. And I'm going to try and export it as a CS piece tomorrow to check that the recolorability is working correctly, and just to see how it looks in game.


EDIT: I will be taking a short break, maybe a week or 2 just to start up a new park.

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