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[NL] Superman Ultimate Flight (SFDK) Recreation

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In the recent light of Superman: Ultimate Flight opening at SFDK, I decided to try recreating it, with a little more attention to detail. I know there are a few recreations out there, all based off of the renderings we saw a while back. This version, I'm shooting for as close to the real support structure as possible and may implement 3D objects, being the station/queue, the shield tunnel, possibly the shield, and the station building. Since I have no knowledge in any of the 3D programs (I tried Blender, can't figure it out), I'm trying out Google's Sketch Up program...which seems pretty user-friendly. Since there's numerous photos on TPR, I have plenty of reference at my disposal. I'm using the Maurer Sohne X-Car for this creation as that seems to have the closest configuration to S:UF's actual trains.




Before I used Tunnel Maker, the 'stock' tunnels with NL.


After, using Tunnel Maker. I may use the NL supports to add the trim around the tunnel. I'm not *that* savvy with 3D programs yet.


Looking down the launch


Hand-made (as in, I can't figure out Newton/AHG/other 3rd party tools) inline twist, pretty smooth considering.


Coming off the non-inverting loopty loop :) Honestly, the dive, and the non-inverting loop were the hardest parts!

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1 year later, I have not forgotten this project. At this time I've ridden this 26 times and decided to get back on the project. Still lots to do with it and several tweaks but last night I was experimenting with something for more realistic operation. Here's a sneak peek of what I did (Shuttle coaster trick)



Looking back, I'm kind of thinking my barrel roll and launch section may be a bit too long but for now, enjoy what I've got!

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