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The Sunrise Project (RCT3) Entry #3 A Bizarre Dream

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Journal Entry Number #1 July 29th, 1990


How does one begin a journal anyway? Am I supposed to make introductions to an audience made from chopped up trees? Bah!


No matter, I am about to embark on an epic journey, and I hope this book will be able to keep a record of it.


My name is Adrian Sun, the well known founder and owner of Sunset Productions. I have made my name very well-known in the film industry, and many of my productions have reached critical acclaim.


Film has been my life and soul for many years...but now I face a dilemma. For years I had been the sole owner of Sunset. After a particularly successful movie, Di-Futura, I was persuaded by several high ranking business men to release stock on the public market so I could have funds to invest even more into my film ventures. This turned out to be quite the mistake. The majority of the stock was immediately bought up by one controlling set of business people who instantly demanded creative and company input. Of course a board of directors was formed, and I instantly lost control of everything and anything major. Soon afterwards, one of my largest investments ever tanked in theaters due to poor marketing. The board immediately blamed me for the fiasco and I was kicked out of the company.


I am still a multi-millionaire of course. That was only one flop. I suspect they just used it to finally justify getting rid of me. I still own stock in my company of course, and I do own the creative rights to nearly all of my films.


This leads me to the reason behind beginning this journal. My first film that I created in high school using stop motion photography took place at a local carnival. I had always loved the sights and sounds of the fair, but that day you could say I truly fell in love with the atmosphere. I craved more of it. For years I have been a major enthusiast of the amusement park industry. I've visited parks all over the world and many of these travels have often led to me producing successful films.


I wasn't too heavily interested in theme parks until after I began sketching the Magnum XL-200 during a visit to Cedar Point several years ago. I began to sketch rides I saw, and rides of my own. Soon, I began to use many of my films as inspirations for my attraction drawings. I didn't really think much of it until I was kicked off the board. Then I thought, maybe these could actually turn into something.


So I began to sketch even more. Drawing rides and attractions, theming and buildings, all forming a project that I nicknamed "Sun Rise". Of course that code name is only a misnomer and the project also goes by another name which I will address at a later date. I am mainly using this entry to archive many of the early sketches I made for this monumental project I hope to create.


It may be one small sketch for me, but it's a giant achievement for the project I hope one day can turn into a reality.


Let's hope I can get this sun to rise over the next few years.


-Adrian Sun


Now I'll include some details about each drawing along with its significance. These are all concepts of course, and I have already taken the liberty of getting them copyrighted. No sense in letting any loose ends sour this project.



A possible display for the park...




I hope this will be the mother of all night-time shows!


A rather rough sketch of how I would like the entrance area to place out.

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Journal Entry # 2 August 1, 1990


Wow. It's been three days of whirlwind craziness and I am surprised to have found the time to even sit down and write this journal entry. So much has happened... 


Let's start from the beginning then shall we? 


Three days ago I wrote in this journal that I had a dream...an idea...an impossible and unthinkable dream. Well, at least until I met with my friend Flynn the night.  Flynn and I have known each other for years, ever since my first high school film all those years ago. He is an amazing actor and accomplished artist. We were rehearsing for a talk show interview which we both were to appear on. I had brought my tape recorder with me so that we could critique one another's performance. Luckily I left it on after we had finished our critiquing and recorded the momentous occasion.


I'll write in a log of the conversation here:


F: -chuckling- That was quite the performance Sunny.


A: Hey! You don't see me going around calling you allegorical nicknames! What if I referred to you as Arcade Boy!


F: -mock fear- Uh oh! Here comes the Sun. I'd better calliope to cover! John Lennon protect me!  


A: One day Flynn, I'll finally think of some whimsical retorts to your atrocious puns and jabs towards my last name. In the meantime I'll just resort to poorly sketching you god-forsaken mug of a face attached to a toad  in my sketchbook! 


F: (snatches sketchbook) Not if I draw you fir- Whoops! 


(sketches come falling out of the ragged book, many of them piece of attraction concept art)


F: Dreadfully sorry Adrian...say...what are all these? I don't think you've every shown any of these to me...they are rather interesting.


A: -smiling- Oh so it's Adrian now? 


F: Oh hush! Now explain these rather intriguing sketches to me.


A: Oh...those were some sketches I did of possible theme park attractions. You know I have a fond interest in the subject. 




I...well...I hadn't told anyone yet...but I had the idea of creating such a park for my movies...all these would tentatively be attractions in it... It sounds crazy but...UGH you must think I should like a total idiot. 


F: -sincere- Nonsense! These are absolutely incredible! I can't believe no one has every thought of doing this before now! A park themed to all your greatest movies! Wow! Is that a Fractured Paradise Temple with a roller coaster and rapids ride?  And a recreation of Boomtown 1818? This is brilliant! 


A: Yeah well...it hasn't been much more than a bunch of sketches and an idea...


F: That settles it! A Di-Futura ride? This simply must be built! 


A: Well I...


F: I am going to help you make your dream a reality Adrian. You helped me make mine when you chose me for your first film! That got me known, and then your second film catapulted me into the major leagues of acting! You helped me fulfill the dream I had of participating in the movie industry! 


A: ... (eyes shifting)


F: (Realization) Oh...it's about them isn't it. You don't think you can convince them can you? Those weasels took over your while you didn't have the opportunity to fight back. Maybe it's about time you took your battle to them.


A: I own the Intellectual Property to all my movies...but of I don't present a decent plan to those board members I won't be able to get a cent of support from any investor. Sunrise is incredible influential and if they don't want my project to happen, they will MAKE SURE it doesn't happen. And they will especially dislike it of I choose to go behind their backs and make a decision to build a theme park based on the movies they are still profiting from. 


(incredibly sorrowful silence)


F: This is going to happen. I am going to make sure of that. Your company is called Sunrise! Let's not let the sun set on this project. Let me call some people. I have a few friends in the entertainment industry who have worked on theme park propositions in the past, (sly smile) I am sure they wouldn't mind collaborating with the famous Adrian Sun. 


A: Well, I suppose it couldn't hurt to make a more professional approach to the ideal. 


F: -grinning- That's my sunny boy! 


A: Would you mind looking through a few more of these drawings and seeing if anything looks odd? 


F: (gazing about) There...those three drawings. They look so out of place. 


A: Oh...those were the three I put into the journal I had about this project. I suppose you are right though.


F: Bah! Who wants to able to tell it's a sun outright? (referring to Sun Stage Drawing) this needs flare! Emotion! Uniqueness! It needs...it needs- 


A: -you. That's what it needs. I cannot do this project alone my friend. You have shown me that this evening. Would you come with me on this amazing adventure?


F: Wouldn't miss it for the life of me. Speaking of lives, it's about time you got one-----click-------click------bzzzt- 

End of Tape.


Well there you have it...apparently my project may happen....I can't believe my pipe dream could ever see the light of day.


 This is only the beginning...


-Adrian SunSHINE


I'll have you know a certain someone added that last stroke In pen, no less. Somethings never change. KINDA LIKE YOU NON-EXISTSTENT  SENSE OF HUMOR! -FLYNN


I give up.... 



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