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Jake's Rollercoaster Thread - Video Is Up [RCT3]

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Hello and welcome to my work thread. Here I will be showing a lot of projects I have started on and are yet to be finished, it would be great to hear what your opinions are on my creations.


First off, we have my B&M Hyper Coaster.

Next we have my Intiman Blitz Coaster, guess were i got the inspiration from .

Here is my go at one of those launch knot coasters, not sure who makes these .

Here was a stadium I built, I though it looked quite neat.

And lastly we have my giant B&M invert; again I bet you can’t guess the inspiration .

Cheers for reading, i am fully aware that there are a few flanges and footers missing here and there. These rides are NOT finished just yet.


Cheers, Jake

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I have a almost finnished this ride, its a Intamin Hyper Coaster, it was going to be an Expedition G-Froce recreation. I have yet to work out a name for it yet. The station and some other small details are still unfinnished, I think i am also going to re-work the final turn as it pulls alot of G's.


Thanks for reading, Jake.

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Today I want to show you my Verbolten inspired ride, this ride was originally going to be put into Crystal Arcade V2. I’m not too sure whether I will continue with it or not, I’ll show you what I had anyway.

The ride is sponsored by McLaren’s F1 team and started in one of their test facilities.

This part of the ride would have been fully enclosed and it would have been themed around a sort of test facility.

Just in the bottom left is where the station is situated.

This drop was the finale, I’m not sure how it really fitted into the story, I just thought it looked cool.

The reason for all the terrain changes was I had to keep the ride less than 73 feet because of the planning laws on Crystal Arcade, I think it makes it look better personally.


Cheers, Jake.

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Hey guys, I have another ride to show you. I had an idea to build my own Universal Studios once; this was its signature attraction. It is an airplane themed ride and would have been based on some sort of movie it is fully enclosed and would be filled to the brim with different scenery. I only got as far as finishing the layout, supports and half the building.


Hope you enjoyed, Jake

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My Intamin Blitz is now available to download via the games exchange!

Just click on the picture.

You will need Moby’s steel jungle, Webers Aged Footers, Dazmates idustrial age set, Costerfreaks station set, A-goodies gadgets and Shy Guys Catfish Cove CS sets, you will also need Techno Dudes intamin Blitz CTR which can be downloaded from his theread on these forums. Put the park into C:Documents and SettingsUserMy DocumentsRCT3Parks. Any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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I have to say, this is the kind of thread that I should do because of all the idea vomiting that occurs with me! Regardless, the stuff that you create is great. I love the Verbolten-esque style ride, and would love to see what comes out of it. I also really like the hyper coaster in the first post, and hope that comes to fruition someday too.


Like I said before, I really think this type of thread is a good idea for people like you and I. Our brains are getting so many ideas, designs, themes, and stories that we don't have enough time to get them all out, but here is a perfect place for you to do it! Keep up the great work...



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Overall good layout. Seems a bit tight in the building and the braking on the bridge should be more gradual, and not just one big pop. On the twist, you should make it twisting right. Immediately after the twist, there is a right turn. That would be fairly intense. Try to patch that up a bit and this coaster will be amazing.

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That layout looks very intense and knotted. Definitely like the real concept.


Have you ever thought of your antialiasing quality? If you don't know what that is, go to your "Options" in the game>Press the eye in the top right corner>Go down until you see "Antialiasing Quality" and choose the highest option you have. It makes for more attractive pictures.

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