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Forest Thrills (RCT2)

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Great update. I think that adding a separate gate for the hotel was a good idea.



I dont like the rocky texture as a beach, but it seems to fit in well with the Jetstar coaster. This is a huge improvement over the beginning of this park and I like the way this is going!

Thanks! I hope you like the new texture better!


April 8, 2000


Three new rides will join Forest Thrills for the 2000 season! Forest Mining Co. was downgraded to one station only.


The first new ride was originally located at Thrill Gardens. It was called Loop-de-Loop. It has been renamed to Looper! It has also received a new color scheme to fit into the forest theme!


The next new ride was requested by numerous people asking for a family ride. We introduce Lakeside drivers, a car ride that takes you around and over the lake! Guests have four different color cars that they get to drive: blue, red, green, and yellow. There are many areas of shades and coverings on the ride. A bridge also spans the lake, so drivers could see the clear blue water that makes up the lake. We hope that families enjoy this new ride that allows the whole family to enjoy the park!


The last new ride is another coaster! We have five coasters now at Forest Thrills! Built by Anton Schwarzkopf this coaster is the brother of Jet Screamer and the cousin of American Screamer! We are proud to introduce Fireball, a Schwarzkopf shuttle loop! Rocketing out of the station at 47mph, this is the only coaster at Forest Thrills that is not a complete circuit! Once out of the station, the coaster goes through a loop, up a spike, then goes through the process all over again landing up another spike returning to the station!


We unfortunately do not have everything that the guests wanted though. We are in the works of contacting a couple of manufacturers about a couple of new attractions, and we are hoping that we will have these attractions built in the next couple of years. The only reason why we are constantly building is to get the park built up to the point that the park could survive a few years without constant coasters being built. That requires some rides that are being built within the next two years, so stay tuned to future updates!


Also, I want to know:


Which ride or attraction do you feel is the most popular? The answer may surprise you!


Andrew Bennet

Park Owner and Operator


Redesigned Forest Mining Co.




Lakeside Drivers




Queue, station, and launch track



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I think the car ride is a bit ... twisty, IMO. At one point, you have it curving left, then right, left, then right with no straightaways. I think you should make it straight in some places, but that is just me. Other than that, I like how you incorporated something from Thrill Gardens. I also like the shuttle loop. Overall, good update.

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I think the car ride is a bit ... twisty, IMO. At one point, you have it curving left, then right, left, then right with no straightaways. I think you should make it straight in some places, but that is just me. Other than that, I like how you incorporated something from Thrill Gardens. I also like the shuttle loop. Overall, good update.

Thanks! I fixed it up a bit. You should've seen the original version, it did not work well.


April 22, 2000


Not much has been done to the park lately. We got a new restaurant building near Forest Mining Co. We're hoping that this brings in more guests in this area of the park to ride the coaster. Lakeside Drivers got a couple of sections replaced for more land interaction.



The new restaurant building.



Redesigned Lakeside Drivers



Overview shot.


Most of our attention has been placed upon a new park though. We mentioned in the press conference after the closure of Thrill Gardens about the possibility of buying an existing park. We were able to buy the park and get some of the rides from Thrill Gardens put in there. We are hesitant on saying the name of the park since coaster enthusiasts would be over it in a second looking for any new construction. We are not done since there is still much that needs to be done to the park before we think about setting an opening date. I have put up pictures, so you could see the progress though. We hope that you understand and are willing to help us out in the meantime.



Our Arrow Hyper, Steel King, and Steel King gift shop



The beginning of our main street.



Carousel building.


There's the first look at the park! We hope that you will be happy with future progress!


Andrew Bennett

Owner of Thrill Gardens Inc.


(Note: None of these screens are finished, but advice would be very helpful!)

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The car ride looks MUCH better. Great job and I hope this new park is cooler than Thrill Gardens, which was very cool.

Thanks man, I hope so, too!


November 8, 2000


The season is over, and record attendance was reached this year. We are hoping for several things to happen next year:


1) The opening of our last major coaster for a few years.


2) The beginning of full year park operations.


3) The beginning of full year hotel operations.


We are hoping that these plans will be final by the end of next year.


Right now, construction is happening between the return railroad section and Forest Mining Co. Track is being pulled up to allow heavy machinery to enter the area to begin construction. You can probably guess what the coaster type is once you see the photos I have been able to give you. We have decided on a name, and the announcement will occur in a matter of time.


Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Andrew Bennet

Thrill Gardens Inc. CEO


Construction has begun!



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It's been a while since this park was last updated. This park went through a major restructuring project meant to take a week, but more time was put to do some other things such as test the park.



February 28, 2001


Forest Thrills will reopen for its 8th season Memorial Day weekend!


The park will reopen after a huge restructuring project which caused it to close early last season. The major reason was for construction of the new coaster. The park will reopen with all attractions open. New for the park is the Monorail with stations on the Midway, U.S.A section, and Thrill Center sections. Plans are in the work for a fourth station and a Sky Buckets ride.


The hotel will now have a path that leads from the front office to the park entrance.


Four major sections were built within the park:

U.S.A: Celebrating the grand nation we live in. Rides include:


Jet Screamer: This steel creation by Anton Schwarzkopf is the centerpiece of the park, and the ride is truly a fan favorite.

Revolution: Also created by Schwarzkopf, this Enterprise sports an American color scheme.

Mountain Cruisers: An old car ride set near a mountain.

Looper: a Super Looper flat that sends guests through a continuous loop.

Carousel: A classic attraction with organ playing while the ride rotates.

Laser Tag Arena: a building where you can play laser tag with friends.


Midway: Including restaurants and shopping as well as:


Dodgems: a classic Bumper Cars attraction.


Thrills Center: Thrill seekers paradise that includes:


Blue Thunder: Going into a major rehaul, this B&M coaster is still the park's centerpiece with a loop and interlocking corkscrews.

Power Towers: S&S Towers that shoot you up and send you back down to Earth at speeds up to 75mph.

Round Up: A ride where you're strapped in and the floor drops from underneath you while you rise up.

Fireball: A Schwarzkopf shuttle loop coaster that shoots rides through a loop, spike then back in reverse.


Forest Pass: Featuring some older attractions while guests can relax with a view of a beautiful lake which this section is wrapped around. Rides include:


Thrill Gardens Cyclone: New for 2001. Classic coaster layout reminiscent to older styles of coasters. The name was chosen due to the fact that Thrill Gardens will never die and brought us the parks the are here today.

Eagle Quest: Vekoma suspended coaster that sends riders over the river and through trees.

Forest Mining Co.: Arrow Mine Train that sends riders through several twists and turns.

Tilt-A-Whirl: Flat where guests spin in a two person cart.

Sky Tower: 200 ft observation tower with a view of the entire park.

Minequake: Top Spin where guests are held over the lake.

Rowing Boats: The original attraction is back with guests being able to row around in the lake.


Eagle Quest


Thrill Gardens Cyclone's fountain


Definitely old school design


Lake with flats...


Nothing else to say.




Midway monorail station


Park entrance


Blue Thunder's new layout.


(No more Arrow nonsense)


Thrills Center monorail station


Patriotic station in U.S.A section...check


Mountain cruisers; very different than Lakeside Drivers



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