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^That was pretty good!

I've done quite a few, but I'll post some of my best ones.



The Shaft, which was my first dark ride and second attempt at building anything in Rct3. It was inspired by Fisherman, who is the best dark ride creator there is in my books. If you haven't seen any of his projects, I recommend you go check them out.



My second dark ride.



My third dark ride. IMO, good concept, poor execution. I'm currently remaking this ride now.



And The Tomb.


Out of all these, I haven't made one that I was happy with. So I guess I'll just have to keep making them until I make one that I am happy with!

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WOW! ...nice idea for a thread! Now i have to watch them ALL You all doing a great job with RCT3 and all the custom scenery. At this point my respect to all the custom scenery builder. They are doing a great work too!!! Without them, RCT3 wouldn´t be that, what it is. MORE awesome. I´m more into NL .. but i to see your amazing work, definetly!!!

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@ RCT3Mike


WOW!!! Those were AWESOME!!! Can you please tell me where you got the "Keep Out" Doors and the dead body thing in The Tomb ride? And can you tell me where you got your sound FX from? It all worked so well with the vids!

I use CamiStudio to record my rides, but I'd like to learn how to use the in game RCT3 camera control that's done with the D Lean code. You have any tips on that?


Anyway, keep up the awesome work! I'll sub to ya on youtube.

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^Thanks! I'll try to answer all your questions.

The keep out doors were made by Imagineer John for Fishermans Ghost Mine ride, and can be downloaded at the Ghost Mine website here: While you are there I highly recommend you check out his ride, it is fantastic. The hanging body in The Tomb was given to me by a CS maker (PB&J) after he saw me asking about it in a thread. He happened to like my work so he gave it to me. He has only given it to 3 people (that I know of) and many many people have asked.

The sound effects in my video are all found via google search, which takes a very very long time. I get much of my music from freeplaymusic.com.

For recording, using an external recorder is a ver bad choice as rct3's frame rate is horrible. Instead, use ctrl + shift + f11. Your game will be virtually unplayable until you stop recording with ctrl+shift+f11. It can take awhile to record depending on your computer but if you go into your my videos/rct3 folder after you will find a high quality video of what you recorded. For the fcre (Flying Camera Route Editor) you don't have to use D Lean, just press ctrl + shift + 0. You can find a good tutorial for this

Hope I was helpful, and thanks for the sub!

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Thanks for answering my questions.

Um... Are those doors in Ghost Mine set 1-3? If so, I already have those sets, and I must get new glasses if I didn't see those doors before...


I didn't know PB&J only gave those bodies out to 3 people. You're one lucky person.


And yes, I've tried to use the RCT3 recorder, but it does take way to long (being that I have a PC no doubt). I'm trying to make it work with camestudio though because my other dark rides are WAY too long... but I should have them up soon. I'm working on my FunHouse ride video right now. I might have it up by tomorrow.

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^1-3 and the walls set were made by Wabigear, but the 5th set, containing the animated pieces, is made by Imagineer John and is found on the same page as the other Ghost Mine CS. Also I still recommend using the in-game recorder. Start recording, then come back in 30 minutes. Judging by how much has recorded in that time, you can estimate how much longer it will take to finish the whole ride, and you can go do something else for that amount of time. That's what works for me at least.

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