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[RCT 2]Kimeloff Amusements

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Not really liking that wooden coaster, I can't quite figure out why though. I do like the placement of the drop towers). The paths on the first picture are beautiful as are the surroundings. I never would have thought to put an Arrow Suspended Coaster on B&M track but I like it, are the animations there to pull off the steep down twist?

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Just a reminder: this chain is not meant to be realistic, nor is it meant to be good. It is intentionally horrid for laughs, read (repeat: read, not just look at) these updates with a sense of humor.


If your referring to the quote above yes I read it.


The problem is this park is not horrid, it is very good or at least I think it is. The only item so far that is bad is the coaster I mentioned. So if you going for laughs and bad building style you really need to step up your game... I mean step down your game. Your just so good at what you do that even though your trying to be bad it is ending up good.


So get busy and really mess something up and make me laugh and or cringe.

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