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I like making random terrain coasters (NL)

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Hello world of TPR gamers,


I have been playing with NL for quite a few years now, mostly making long terrain coasters. While their length and typical requirement for additional speed partway through the ride make them unrealistic for real life, I enjoy watching them and building them. Other than length, I try to hold true to actual physics of actual coasters, keeping the G forces in line and not having stupid elements that just would not exist in real life.


I avoided uploading any here in the past because I wanted to avoid the typical criticism, but I think I am ready to share them. I only ask one question. 'Do you enjoy watching this?' I know I have multiple trains in one block section. I know I have some 'pumping' here and there. I know I sometimes avoid having mid course breaks. That being said, I try to make them as theoretically realistic as possible, so PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! If it is that important to this crowd, I will fix these things in future coasters!


My coasters tend to be fast, and have lately been incorporating terrain and crossovers whenever possible. I like speed and to be honest, I think speedy coasters are much more entertaining to watch in simulator mode, which in the end, is kind of the point of all this, right?! I have not been giving them creative names, just 'Track (wherever I am right now).'


Finally, I have been watching all of your videos and am finding them VERY entertaining. Mine are not nearly as neat as yours, but I am kind of new to actually attempting to perfect them. I would love any input you might have to help me achieve my goal, whatever you may interpret those to be.




THIS TRACK: "Track Mammoth." I wanted to create a coaster where I made a full scale mountainous terrain BEFORE constructing the coaster. I started with a plateau in the center, and that's where I started the coaster as well. There is a fairly extensive 'pre lift' section, a large FAST lift hill, and two speed boosts throughout the ride. Its a bit long but I had a few goals to accomplish. I am working on S type curves as I find those fun to watch. Please download this and check it out! Oh, also bear in mind, that this was my first attempt at using custom supports on a larger scale. I just can't seem to get the hang of those 'free nodes!'


Seriously. Would love your input and to show you more of my work, or to make new work based on your advice!

Track Mammoth-100520164933000.bmp

Track Mammoth.nltrack

Track Mammoth. DOWNLOAD ME!

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Generally speaking I like it. When I saw the screenshot, I thought that this thing would have bad g-force issues, but surprisingly enough, it was just fine. I like the aesthetic aspect of it as well. The biggest issue I see is the terraforming, which is not entirely realistic.



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