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Unamed Park [RCT2]

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Hey everyone! I decided to finally take a chance and post my park. I'm posting my own critiques along with the images, but only a few. I want to become better and I am totally anti-custom scenery, so it may be much more difficult for me to do architecture, but I'm up for the challenge!


Too many flowers?


Looks bare.


This is probably the only screen I still love lol.


Yes, I haven't made any buildings yet to cover up food shops and rides, but I'm really dreading it. Is there any way I could get into building with some passion?


Thanks in advance!

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Too much red in my honest opinion. I know you said a Red, White, and Pink park, but it's starting to become an eyesore a bit.


As for "building with a passion", just don't press it. I know there are some days where all I want to do is play RCT, and other days where I just don't feel like playing at all. But, if you force yourself, things become messy and careless. Let the game come to you, don't force yourself on the game.

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I agree with both comments to a point, really liking what I see but at the same time the colors are bothering me. So with me being torn between liking what I see and not liking the colors, I should just shut up about how it looks now and see how it all turns out.


This is trivial but I want to bring it up, I hope you take the time to do is figure out how long the water rides are and adjust how many rafts/boats they should have instead of just leaving in what the game allows. People always leave in to many. They need to be spaced out just like coasters need to have there times adjusted to match how long the ride is and how may trains are used. It's a simple math issue. Ride length divided by ride vehicles equals minimum wait time.


Ride is 2min and 34sec long with 6 boats.




Minimum wait time should be 26sec (Full Load)

Maximum wait time should be anything you want past 26sec (I unusually use 120sec).

This formula works with every tracked ride. Keeps things running smoothly and spaced out realistic manner.

Setting times on Flats keeps rides from running for no reason and causing them to break down faster.


Sorry for the ramble, while my new ObjData folder is under construction, I have been downloading a lot a parks just to have a look around and one issue with most is the builder never takes the time to make the park run efficiently.

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CardCraze: Thanks for your input. I've added more cobblestone to the paths and even just changed the coloring beyond the beginning of the park. I'm also trying to restrain from adding crappy architecture just because I feel it "should" be there. Thanks so much!


BelgianGuy: Thanks, I've tried not to change the original screens too much.


dmaxsba2408: Oh the more input the better! Don't be hesitant to say something, I don't get offended easily. But thanks for being patient and for that little math tip. Right away I cut back on the number of boats from 352235 to 12. I forgot to apply your tip to my park, but I will do that tonight!


Alright, not much of an update and I'll try to avoid making pointless updates in the future.


As you can see, a launched free-fall and a junior coaster named Dino Dash. I am also thinking of just taking out that hedge maze. It seems so out of place...but then if it is taken out, what should I do with the extra space? Add another thrill ride? Another coaster? Water ride?


The second water ride. The ground looks sort of bare. I guess I could make it not as flat...

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I think you should keep the maze and just change it to the wood look walls. Add in some empty spaces and put so scenery inside the maze, as for the rafts, definitely bring the land up to the ride. Those rides never look good when you see the supports. If bringing the land up will cause cliffs to happen because of other items around build in some retaining walls.


Really liking the colors of these pictures.

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dmaxsba2408: Thanks, the maze seems to fit in much more nicely now! You'll see in the pictures that I didn't build any walls for the cliffs yet.


Thelegendarymatthew: I didn't scrap my rapids ride as you'll see. I redid the terrain and added a little bit more to the ride but not much.







That's all for now, finals are coming up and many projects have yet to be turned in so there may be not as many updates as I want to give temporarily.

Sorry for the long wait, and thanks for the feedback.

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CoasterCow: I've changed the color to darker. Thanks for the encouragement.




I hate the colors...but the theming is dark pink/blue and that didn't look well together. Oh the choices.

It only goes 20 feet high, but seems ride-worthy enough for the kids.


Again, sorry for the lack of updates. I'll probably vanish for about 2 weeks. Finals begin next week unfortunately...but that means Chipotle's as a reward on those long studious days, am I right or am I right?

Anyway just because I don't update doesn't mean I still check the forums.

Thanks again for all the kind words everyone. Much appreciated!

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