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My *FIRST* No Limits coaster!

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Just got No Limits. I've had a tough time getting able to upload them, but I finally got it!


I'm having trouble getting video taken, but I'll get it eventually!


This is my FIRST coaster, so be nice



Also ...


As a bonus, I decided to add another coaster I made just for fun.


First Ever.nltrack


Yes, there's a trim :(


About to go down the first drop!





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Hey, this was pretty good! My first couple dozen rides weren't this good.


It seemed that at least knew how to work the simulator (my first rides were built backwards) and were able to make a solid ride. Short and somewhat unimaginative, but that's how A LOT of people start out.


The more you work at it, the easier it will become. Great start!

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The PTC:

-I really enjoyed this coaster and found it to be pretty realistic.

-Pretty smooth for your first coaster.

-Had some nice airtime and fun helixes.


To improve this coaster I would ride it in the back, that allows you to see pumps better and you can see more forces. This applies to both coasters, try to make the brakes, transfers and stations on a downhill slope that way you don't have to dispatch with friction wheels.


The GCI:

-Had some nice airtime, inversion esque elements and overbanked turns.

-Carried its speed well for the most part.


To improve this coaster:

-You almost had this coaster running loops, which I don't think is good. I know that GCI goes with high banked turns but you took that a little far.

-Watch the forces. This one had high lats and high vertical G's, made for a semi awkward coaster. Along with lots of pumps and bumps.

-The brakes. You don't slow it down at all on the brakes and the train cruises into the transfer wheels (which of course I do not like anyways).



Keep up the good work though, for your first 2 coasters you did a fantastic job!

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