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Hou-LAX 06/09-06/12 (Need Help)

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Hello guy and gals, I will be heading to MM with the wife. My flight will arrive around 10a at LAX, Here are my plans.

2 hours after arrival(eat at am/pm :O ) head up to MM and enjoy the day, day 2 return to MM cut out early head to Santa Monica Pier in the evening. day 3 Knotts berry farm. We leave that friday but i am looking for a hotel. Based on the geographical location of my trip where would the best place be to stay at/around?

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Do you want to just do a 'base camp' and stay at one hotel the whole time and deal with traffic? Or are you willing to change hotels?


I hate traffic so I'd rather switch hotels, but I know that there are lots of people that would rather be able to 'unpack' and stay at a place for a few nights.

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So you'll be doing all of your driving pretty much on weekdays during rush hour...ouch. I mean, if you just want to stay at one place I guess you could stay near the airport. If you want to save yourself a bit of traffic one of the days maybe stay somewhere near Van Nuys, so at least that way you can avoid driving through the Sepulveda Pass 2 or 3 times.


There's not really a good central location to stay, to hit those parks, and avoid traffic.

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My brother and I actually almost did the same trip your doing!

We spent one day at MM and whole day for sights, then half a day at Knotts.


We Stayed at a hotel in The San Fernando Valley, for three nights. We arrived at night, got up early, and spent the next day at MM. Next day was Santa Monica Pier, California Cruising, Long Beach Auaquriam, and The Griffith Observatory. We only had three days in LA so the next day we got up and spent half the day ay Knotts. Straight from Knotts to the Airport!


Allow time for driving, because traffic is no joke in LA, but if you have the GPS and don't mind the fumes, it'll be alright.


I told my brother I did not want to drive in LA, so he upgraded to a Mustang Convertible, driving that car softened the traffic blow!!

Have Fun!!!

Check out my trip report pg 2: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=48230&highlight=roxanne

The Mustang is Delicious!!

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I know my kids (just north of LA County) get out of school on June 12th. But I know many schools get out before that. Your coming at the beginning of summer break for a lot of schools.


As for the weather, in June we get what is called "June Gloom" basically meaning you will most likely have a marine layer in the morning that will burn off by the afternoon.


Of course, the more inland you go (Valencia for example) the less effect this will have. You can experience temps from the 60's at Santa Monica to the 90's in Valencia.


I have to agree with Elissa on the hotel though, I'd MUCH rather switch than spend 3 days driving through the SoCal traffic.


If you are going to be doing 2 days at SFMM, it makes sense to stay in Valencia on that first night. No reason to drive to Valencia, back to LAX just to drive back to Valencia the next day.


I would do night one in Valencia, then do your 2nd SFMM day and Santa Monica and then stay near Knott's the next 2 nights. That way you are only switching hotels once, but also avoiding back-tracking on your entire trip. What time does your flight leave on the 12th?


I know you say you are expecting the traffic, but to be honest, SoCal traffic ESPECIALLY on the 405 (which is the freeway you'll be using from LAX to Valencia and back) is like nothing you've seen anywhere else. Or at least like nothing I've ever seen anywhere else.

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My flight friday leave at 5p. I have plans to return the rental AND be at LAX around 1:30ish. (i hear LAX is chaotic/long security lines.) So yeah, i've factored alot of the BS time in. Keep the suggestions coming guys, I have no clue where(distancewise) anything is or how far. I've been on the Balt-wash parkway and I-95 in traffic...Sometimes it was standstill.

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If price is an object...in my experience, hotels in Santa Clarita tend to be rather more expensive than elsewhere in LA. Last year, I used the Burbank Airport area as a base, getting an Extended Stay America through Priceline for $45 a night. It was just off the 5, sorta equidistant from SFMM and KBF (and really close to USH, but you're not going there). Only thing is, it's somewhat of a trek to LAX, but if you stay near the airport, you're looking at dealing with rush hour on the 405.

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