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Rush-A No Limits B&M Hyper

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This is a B&M Hyper,RuSh made with No Limits.

The ride stands at just over 200 ft. and reaches speeds of 70 MPH.

This is my first published No Limits coaster,so if anybody has tips or constructive criticism,please feel free to post.I want to get better.

As you can tell,I had some Nitro inspiration.The element at the end is sort of unique and I call it "The Boomerang Turn".

Thank you,and enjoy.



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Top Posters In This Topic

Are you going to let us download the actual ride so we can criticize it?


From the video, it's pretty simple. You should do custom supports. Why does the block brake have two sections? Also, it appears to only be able to run two trains, so you don't need the block brake.


Some transitions look bad, especially the entrance to the hammerhead turnaround and the exit of the helix at the end.

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Well, to upload you NL track, it's like if you uploaded a picture on the forum (have ever done it? if no: at the bottom of the page it written "add photo, video or other attachment" you just have to select your track in "filename" and then you click on 'add photo, video or other attachment" at the bottom of the page (just above "preview" and "submit" do you understand? I don't really explain well lol).



Otherwise.... I really love the video, it's a great job! Logos are beautiful and the music is well chosen^^


From what I could see, I would say the same things than Haux but I would add the all first turn (the one before the lift hill) is far away too much curved, and your mid-course brakes brake the train too much late and strongly. You should first use only one brake section and then, click twice on the brake section to choose when you want trains slow down and rule the brakes for a softer brake.

About the bad transition I can't really explain you how to fix it... sorry.


Don't worry! For a first track it's not bad! And as you said yourself, with helps you'll getting better

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