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Are you planning a trip to Mexico?


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Hey, I've been visiting this website for a long time ago, I'm a member of a Coaster Club here in Mexico, we are all fans of your website and the updates of your trips to theme parks all around the world.


Our question is if you are planning a trip to Mexico City, we would love to see an update on your website of our coasters and theme parks. There are some nice things up here, Six Flags Mexico just opened last year the first Hyper Coaster in America Latina named Superman El Ultimo Escape, and it's a Morgan one. I know that's not the best in comparison to all those crazy coasters in the United States, but it's the next step here.


You can visit our websites on the next links:




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Wow! Thanks for some of those links and information. We are VERY interested in doing a trip to the parks in Mexico. When I was younger I visited Mexico quite often as my father did his disertation on it! Recently though we've been a little concerned with the reports of violence, kidnappings and other problems. Maybe you can give us an idea of some safe ways to do it, or maybe even come along with us as our "official spanish speaking protective posse"


Elissa "Let us know!" Alvey

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Are there any cool coasters in Mexico? The only Mexican park I know is Six Flags Mexico. I need to brush up on my Spanish if I go. The only Spanish I know is from a Burrito Brothers menu.



Barry "Dang, now I got a craving for a burrito now!" H.

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