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Canobie Lake Park Double PTR

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This is a quick reference of my two earlier trips to the park in early and mid September. I will work to keep things as short as possible and offer a good selection of photos. I’ll post a Closing day PTR later this week.


September 9th trip


It was an extremely busy day with 2 corporate picnics. The 2 companies were PC Connection and BAE. This made for very long lines and a lake of rides for most of the day.


I had lunch with family before coming to the park. As is I didn’t arrive at the park until 1:30 to a nearly full lot. I parked about as far away as you can. Employees were being bussed in and GP was later bussed in as well. But in this aspect they were on top of things


I can’t say the same for Sedexco that day. I waited 20 minutes just to get a Refill on my soda at the Pickaxe pub. Many vending machines needed to be emptied and were not accepting cash, change only. Dancing bear and Portifinos were already closed for the season. Outside of 2 refills of soda I got no food. The lines were that bad until after 5:00 when a light shower scared allot of people away.


The vertigo theater was showing a new move to the attraction Pacific Pursuit. I hit the attraction while it rained. Ran was over by the time I got off. The movie made little sense and left many of the attendees puzzled by the end. Though there were some well shot underwater scenes.


The park had a new attraction set up. I guess you could say show. It was a Beach Party. Set up in the midway stage. Basically a couple DJs play music and the seats have been cleared out so people can dance is they want. But the stage looks great.



Rides hit:


I got on Xtreme Frisbee, Policy Flume, and Cannonball, and Star Blaster 2 times.


I got one ride in on Deviance’s Dream, Mine of Lost souls, Pirata, Caterpillar, Over the Rainbow, Crazy Cups, Skater, PhycoDrome, Vertigo Theater, Roudy Rooster, Corkscrew, Tilt-awhirl, bumper cars, and Wipeout.


I got one only a few of these ride during the day. Nearly ever ride was hit between 6:00 and 10:00 pm after a slight shower. I for the first time got sprayed by the new coin activated water sprayer on the flume. Nice addition got me slightly wet but nothing terrible. Also on phycodrome the flood lights were all of except for on at the operator’s booth.



My daily rides:


This was the last late day for the park so Night shots were a priority. I took a few while waiting in line and I slowly made my way out after closing. I didn’t leave the parking lot till 10:48 at night. Well after closing.






September 16th:


This trip was larger then my last one. The group was my parents, niece, brother, sister in law, as myself. We purposely avoided the day before because Raytheon was at the park. This day was worse then my previous trip. There was one major corporate picnic today, Gillette.


Well this group seemed to think they owned the park. Line cutting, smoking too close to people, and genera attitude was bad today. There was also a huge misuse of the parks disability assistance program. My 1 Cannonball ride was met with a 60 minute wait. Mostly do to 4 of these groups coming nearly at once. They get 2 rides and there groups were all 4-6 people. That made it so only 13-15 were loaded at a time.


This was a short day. Like any park trip with my family we didn’t get there at opening. In fact we didn’t get to the park till 12:30. We stayed till 7:15. The park closed at 8 anyways so wasn’t a big deference. I strayed away from them a few times so I could hit a few more rides.


Service was better this week at the pickaxe Pub. My Family got 4 Nathan’s hotdogs, Fries, I refilled my Souvenir cup (1.00), and 2 16 oz sodas. The meal totaled $20.75, not terrible but not reasonable.


In order, I hit all the rides only once: Tilt-a-while, Xtreme Frisbee, Flume, Pirata, Turkish Twist, Star Blaster, Deviance’s Dream, Cannonball, Tea cups, and Wipeout, Carousel.



I was able to bring my Niece on the Crazy cups which was a lot of fun. My Father tends to hog her on park trips. She had a fuller day hitting all the Kiddie rides as well as all the Family ride mentioned in the above list. This was also my Fathers first ride on the park Frisbee ride. he really enjoyed it.


Down rides: Ocean trip was down both trips. The ride has had allot of down time. While I haven’t been able to get information on the issue I was give the impression that they aren’t happy with it. Skater was down on my second trip. Crazy Cups ride was operating with 5 cups not 6 both trips. The removed cut was out by the maintenance building.


In all the 2 trips weren’t my best trips to the park. But only part of that was do to the park itself. The groups that were there and the conduct of some of the guests were. Also the Food service needs to rethink their operating procedures. The park isn’t the same size or pulling the same attendance as it did 3 years ago. They need to adjust accordingly.


The park in all is always fun. Lines may have gotten to me is this was my only trip of the year or if I have only 2-3 trips a year. But, as it was these trips were my 5th and 6th trips of the year and Closing day Final trip is right around the corner.

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