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How are crowds on weekdays during the busy part of the season?



As for MF, I recommend the first seat of the last car. That way you get all the best parts of the back with less of a wait.


(Though, actually, I recommend that for pretty much ALL coasters.)

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^ If you did that then you will not get to Dragster in time for opening. Trust me, I tried.


If you ride MF and then head to Maverick, you won't get off Maverick till at least a half-hour after the park has opened.


Count on waiting at least an hour on Maverick unless you run to it first thing.



You can, but it takes some running.



Get to the park at 8:45 and be in the very front of the ERT line (they may let you in around 8:55). Run to Raptor, ride it in the front, then run to MF. When I was there, the line was a walk-on in most rows the first time on MF (around 9:10). Ride MF, get off and ride MF again. The second time around, the line will be just outside the station and you can grab a quick back seat ride. If you want to ride in the front, just ride it once. The best seat on MF is the front, but the second row gives you a similar effect for much less wait. My vote is for the first ride in the second row and the second ride in the back row, but you can do whatever.


Next, run to Maverick. If it didn't break down at first, the line will only be about halfway to 2/3s through the covered portion, which is only a 15-20 minute wait (if the crew is hitting the intervals really well, as they were on the days of my visit). Ride once in the front (maybe a three/four train wait instead of one or two). This is where it got close for me. Run to Dragster and hope that they didn't open the park early to not resort guests. One morning they opened it at around 9:55 and the other right at 10. It made the difference between a 10-15 minutes wait for the front on TTD and a 40-50 minute wait for the front on TTD.



It's possible, I've done it, but it is really hard. Also, you should probably formulate a plan after TTD, because I ran out of ideas at that point and wandered around (read: "rode Mean Streak") for about an hour. I ended up waiting in huge lines for Mantis and Magnum because of my lack of planning after TTD.



We where planning a trip to cedar point for 2 days sometime next summer, how far in advance do you have to make reservations at one of there hotels at the park ? They have like 2 hotels and one camping area right ?




They have 4 hotels (Breakers, Breakers Express, Sandcastle Suites, Castaway Bay), a camping area, and cottages/cabins.


You can make reservations pretty late at CP. We visited on a Wednesday and Thursday in June, so we needed a hotel on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I booked the Saturday before (3 days before) with no problems at all. Of course, if you're planning on going during a peak time (weekend or 4th of July), you'd probably want to make reservations sooner than that.

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^Or, you didn't stay on property, but instead were cheap and stayed at Breaker's Express and couldn't go to the Soak City gate because:


A. They told you you had to park main lot, despite what you had heard

B. MAXX passes don't electronically scan Cedar Fair parks, only ex-Paramount ones.

C. The only place to get your MAXX pass "scanned" is at guest relations at the front gate.




Oh yeah, and you get to ride Raptor too. Besides, by going in the front gate, you get to ride other rides on your way to Maverick, instead of getting to Maverick first to find it shut down and then going to other rides that now have a longer wait.



Front gate works well, as would the Marina gate. Really, that is probably the best gate to do this from. Assuming you don't want to ride Raptor and you save MF for last, you could go in the Soak City gate and do TTD, Maverick, and then MF.

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A. I've stayed at BE three times, and all of those I was able to drive back to the SC lot.


B. / C. MAXX Passholders were being let in at least a half-hour earlier than the general public at the back entrance when I last went (June). Would they all have gone to the trouble of parking in the main lot, getting their pass scanned, walk back to the car, drive around and use the resort gate?

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So, is there a separate line at the gates for early entry people? If so, where?


If my memory serves me correctly, no. You just need to have your season pass with Joe Cool Club, or you're room card.

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