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Photo and Video Trip Report: Texas

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Hey guys, Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Here's some answers to some of your questions...

- The crowds were very minimal and I think the longest wait we had was for New Mexico Rattler and that was only about 30minutes because I wanted to sit in the back.


- The Pink Things were only 2 bucks and probably the best cold thing I've ever had at a park. There really is no word to describe it.


- Chuck (cfc) Fantastic Journey was kind of like a haunted house ride. They had tons of things that just randomly jump out and scare the crap out of you. Plus, there were some cheesy effects in there too.


- As for the spine crushing part of Texas Tornado...Good floater air and then extreme g's right after which crushes you down into the seat.


- The La Vibora video has been taken off the trip report...sorry for those of you that weren't able to see it before it was removed.


Again, thanks for the comments and I'm glad some of you enjoy it.



WHAT?? La Viabora was removed?!?! NOOOOO!

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