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First time in Japan...need some advice...

Pete C

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Hi Robb, I've been checking out all your detailed Japan trip reports and travel guide info lately as I will be there in August for a visit. I plan to hit up a few parks while I am there and you guys seem like experts on this by now!


I am going to be there for about 10 days, plan to do a bunch of sightseeing, hike Mt. Fuji, etc, but I also want to get to the best Japan has to offer coaster-wise. Time is precious, so I only want the best. My current plan is 2 days for Disney, 1 day for Fuji-Q, 1/2 day for Spaland, and hit LaQua at some point too. I have to ride Steel Dragon, so that is a high priority, and Disney is also a must. Fuji-Q...seems like a worthwhile visit, but you guys weren't exactly floored by it. They do have a new 4th Dimension to ride though since your original visit. Did you guys not hit Fuji-Q on this last trip?


Anyway, is Fuji-Q really worth it? Dodonpa is like a double edged sword, though the most powerful launch in the world is a draw for me.


Next, if you did Disney on a Monday and Tuesday can you do everything in that amount of time or less? I know you did DisneySea is no time, but is it really a half-day or less to hit literally everything? Is it conceivable to attempt both parks in 1 day?


Last, are there any other must see places (aside from parks too) that are worth a stop in the areas that I am going? Are any other parks definitely worth a visit?


Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.



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Your plan seems really good actually. I would definitely allow 2 days for Disney. With DisneySea now having Tower and Raging Spirits, in addition to everything else it has now become at least a full day park. Disneyland is also a full day park. The whole disney thing really just depends on what you're into. If you're into Disney and want to do at least all the E-Tickets yes, do not do less than 2 days. If you just want credits, yeah you could do both in a day.


As for Fuji Q, yeah we didn't bother last time...but I would go. I don't think any of the coasters are amazing, but if you'll be in the Fuji Area already you might as well hit it up.


I think you're right about Nagashima only being a half day park.


What other areas will you be in? Then I can maybe recommend some 2 - 3 hour parks that are nearby.

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Ah, thank you Elissa, and thanks also for all the detail in your Japan trip planning guide! Very useful!!


First, I grew up going to Disney and still love it, so I do want to hit everything in Tokyo Disney to see the differences. I think 2 days will be needed as you said. My plan after Tokyo was to go to Spaland, and immediately after go to Kyoto for a couple days to see old Japan. After that...Nara, but I am still doing research on that. I might change my mind and go somewhere else if I find something that interests me. Osaka was not in my plan, but I am not against it. I wish I new more about this new coaster going in at Universal besides it being a B&M speedcoaster of somewhat unimpressive stats. I mean...I've done Universal Orlando many, many times so I don't want to "waste" time there unless I am going to see something new and worthwhile. Any word on what this coaster is going to do?




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^There are lots of pictures of the new B&M "mini-hyper" in our main board.


Universal was VERY similar to Hollywood and Florida, and I'm not quite sure it would be worth a trip out of your way to go there. If you did, you could probably just do it in a few hours. The coaster looks 'good' but not amazing by anymeans.

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Pete, I've got a few quick questions too if you don't mind me hijacking your thread. We're in preliminary research of a possible Japan trip, and our plans are similiar to yours.


Where is Parque Espana in relation to Spaland? If Spaland is really only a half day park, is it possible to combine PE (Pyrenees is of prime importance to me, obviously) with NS in the same day? And if that's the case, is it safe to assume this could all be done in a day trip from the Tokyo area?

To me, from everything I've seen from those two parks, we wouldn't exactly go there wanting to be immersed in either one, but wouldn't exactly wanna be running around on a credit whoring mission either if you get what I mean.



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It really wouldn't work.


PE is about 2 hours beyond Spaland. And most of the year the hours of both parks are pretty much 10 - 5. Between the sheer amount of credits at Spaland, and the fact that PE is pretty big, I wouldn't even attempt it.


For us we combined Spaland with Universal. You could also combine Spaland with the Nagoya Zoo, Hirakata, or even Lagunasia.


As for the day trip from Tokyo...that makes it even harder, because if you have a rail pass I"m pretty sure the last train of the night back to Tokyo from the Nagoya area is around 9pm (Dealing with this now on our Japan trip!) And the earliest train still wouldn't get you to Spaland for opening.

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Yeah, I guess that would be pretty ambitious considering the park times, etc. After I posted, I looked a little further, and noticed you used Nagoya as a "base camp." That clearly makes me rethink things. I was just using Google Earth to map things out and get a perspective on where things were in relation to each other, but for the life of me, I couldn't find PE anywhere! It was driving me nuts.


The reason I was wondering about day trips from the Tokyo area is because that's where our timeshare would be located. And since we'd have that at our disposal, I just figured it would make sense to see how many places were actually doable as day trips, in order to make the most use out of the accomodations.

However, since I planned on visiting Kyoto for the cherry blossom festivals (April/May), it probably makes more sense to possibly fly into Osaka, stay in the Kyoto area first, and maybe hit up either Spaland or PE while we're out that way before heading to Tokyo.


Anyway, thanks. I appreciate the tips.

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