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  1. I guess the only question I have is if the funicular is removed, *how* will be be able to access Samurai Summit besides the hill of death on the back side of the mountain? I thought the only reason SFMM kept the funicular in operation was to comply with ADA. If the hill is the only way up there, you can rule out any future ERTs on the new ride, Ninja, or S:TE- no way ACErs are going to climb that bitch again. I remember all the huffing and puffing back at Disaster Con in '02. -Mark
  2. ^ Any idea what the story is on the Sky Train? Once upon a time there was this powered coaster. A really high powered coaster. One night the powered coaster got so high that it drifted off into hibernation. Honestly, I didn't even know this ride existed, so thanks for finding it. -Mark
  3. Also, I'm not 100% sure if it is a Vekoma or a Zamperla. I know Mark reads this board so maybe he'll shed some light if it's one of his or not! Yep, sorry my first post here has to be one to claim that masterpiece of a ride. The "Globe?" Purely for "visual impact". -Mark
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