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  1. Hooley dooley!!! I haven't been to Tokyo Disneyland since the 90s... This is FORCING me to plan a visit there soon!
  2. Both Superman and Lethal Weapon are great coasters with cool theming... Something we desperately struggle for Down Under!!! Tower of Terror II at Dreamworld is like Superman at SFMM although ours still goes forwards. LOL Keep up the great reports, guys. Would have liked to have booked for the trip but I've used the money for a 6 week States trip including Orlando (WDW, Universal, Busch Gardens), New York (Six Flags Great Adventure) and LA (SFMM, Universal, Knott's) visit in May, instead.
  3. The page has been hijacked by Club arnr!!! When I highlight the page, not only does bakken appear but also a link to email dan and another link to join Club arnr (on Twitter). Need to check this out, Robb... paulie_oz
  4. I'm a little left out here in Australia (we don't have a lot of parks and the majority are in Queensland!), so TPR is always a great way for me to get a taste of what I'm missing out on! I make it over to the States every few years and always hit some of the parks just to get my fix... (Last time it was Cedar Point, Disneyland, California Adventure, Magic Mountain and Universal). But I'd join just to support the great work that Robb, Elissa (& Kristen) do. paulie_oz
  5. Hi everybody, I'm basically posting this so I don't get dumped. I joined the site in March 2006 and as I'm celebrating my 52nd birthday this weekend I guess I'd be one of the site's senior citizens. LOL. We're starved for roller coasters, and theme parks generally, in Australia. I'm in Sydney and Australia's major theme parks (all three of them!) are up north on the Gold Coast in Queensland. I've loved the thrill of roller coasters since first riding the great woodie "The Big Dipper" at Sydney's Luna Park as a kid. In 1979 I started travelling extensively overseas and my exposure to roller coasters began. I first visited Magic Mountain in 1980 and it remained my favourite park for years. Colossus is a sight to behold! In 2005 my partner Andrew and I headed to Cedar Point to ride Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force then we headed back to Disneyland to celebrate my 50th birthday at that park's 50th. My generation in Australia grew up with Disneyland and Mickey Mouse thanks to weekly exposure to The Wonderful World of Disney on TV. I have to say I was disappointed that Disneyland couldn't care less about the fact that we had travelled from Australia to celebrate the double 50th. From LA we hit Las Vegas and did all the coasters there. If I'd known about this site and joined prior to that, maybe Robb could have worked a little magic with the folks at Disney. Oh well, to those of us starved for great coasters, I think Robb and the team constantly provide a touch of magic. Hopefully, we'll join a Theme Park Review trip sometime soon, maybe in 2009. Next year my best mate is turning 50 so my partner and I will be joining him on a trip to Florida's parks to celebrate. It will be November 2008, so any tips would be greatly appreciated. Anyway, now I've rattled on long enough to be considered a boring old f**t, so I'll sign off. Hopefully this will keep my membership active and I won't get dumped because of this ramble. Keep riding for the rest of us! paulie_oz
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