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  1. Here's an article with a photo of the "alleged" actual piece that flew off the TTD train: https://www.wkyc.com/article/entertainment/places/cedar-point/photo-shows-bracket-similar-to-one-that-injured-cedar-park-guest/95-d0d1828d-c419-4d98-80e1-52cb1fb2b253?fbclid=IwAR3YVTJ84agnk0S5bLbb782qV5BeJ9Wq_0TTQqB56eZe9agCjmf5JetXT3E
  2. Also, just some fun random info. This time around they purchased 4 trains. The previous two train models had 5 trains.
  3. Was able to ride earlier today. Those trains are definitely a tight fit to get into the third rows of each car and for the most part you don't even notice or feel the comfort collars. EXCEPT that funky track profiling and transition into the third drop definitely bashes your neck/face into the comfort collar so beware of that part. The way the trains are designed with an individual seat for each rider and a lap bar that I feel covers all bases on the safety side - I'm not really sure why on earth they decided to have comfort collars. The lap bar holds you in just fine and the comfort collars just add time to the loading/unloading process. Maybe they can come off at some point? Anyway, it's definitely not the best ride out there, but is at least more enjoyable and re-ridable now.
  4. I noticed this late last night and was like could it really be?! lol. They have been testing long hours so kudos to them for getting through the testing! I'll give it a ride this weekend and report back. Hoping it's somewhat better!
  5. Since every other thread has theirs., lol...it looks Cedar Point is opening May 14th!
  6. I've stopped by Adventuredome twice throughout the pandemic on a weekend and crowds have been pretty light. You should be fine to get on everything you want!
  7. Actually, testing resumed tonight. Yes, I acknowledge I'm way too excited for a not so great coaster, but it's the only new thing considering all the West Coast parks are closed for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic, lol. I'm really hoping these trains make difference as well! IMG_1464.MOV
  8. Well..it looks like the re-opening has been pushed back until 3/1/21 now. Haven't seen any testing either recently so makes sense.
  9. Who takes Trop? lol. Take the Frank Sinatra Exit from the 15 and take the back way and use the same road to get back on at Russell.
  10. Nope. Pass it every day though and it's just a quick hop off and on the freeway.
  11. Catwalk has been replaced. Their website still has a re-opening of 2/1 so I'm sure we'll see testing resume any day now.
  12. 1.1.21 Update. Looks like a good piece of the guide rail was replaced/repaired as well.
  13. Ahh....makes total sense. Will try that next time and thanks to @SoCalJasonland for uploading the photos into the thread for me. Glad to be here!
  14. Sorry, I can't figure out to how embed photos into the post and can't find any how-to tutorial. If anyone can assist me with that, I'd be more than happy to fix. Thanks!
  15. Pics from this morning. Looks like their fixing the catwalk and it'll be testing again in no time! Old trains are still in storage so I'm sure they'll stick with the new trains. IMG_1177.HEIC IMG_1176.HEIC
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