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  1. You’re thinking of Kings Dominion. To be clear Kings Islands version still has all of its indoor switchbacks. This year they are removing the outdoor switchbacks and using that space for lockers. Flight of fear will still have it’s indoor que but will use firehawks old que as new outdoor que.
  2. some new footage if Orion testing has been posted by FYE coasters on facebook. Looks like it goes pretty quick through the layout
  3. Okay thank you. I was planning a trip to Disney in a few months but was going to spend the last day at a water park. Disney’s water parks don’t look like a good value for the price given how small they seem. I don’t plan on spending any time at universal this trip. I’ll have to chose between $80 for volcano bay or about half that for Aquatica. Right now Aquatica seems like a better deal for the price.
  4. I hate to be that guy but do any locals know of any cheaper ticket alternatives than the $80 on the website? Evan $5-10 off would be nice. Do they offer some kind of evening ticket?
  5. ^ I'm not sure how it affects year around operating parks but if I am a seasonal park I have a certain amount of days to get people to come visit that year after they bought their pass or planning to come with tickets. A major new attraction is going to influence when a guest visits the park. Someone with season passes who visit the park each year are going to go more during the begging of the year if there's something new for them to ride. Someone buying tickets might say I don't want to go yet until the new ride is open. This is a huge missed opportunity as you never want people postponing visits or visiting less. In terms of staffing when I worked at Kings Island we never had staffing issues in the beginning of the year. All of the staffing problems came in August and during Haunt. It's not just a bunch of Coaster Nerds who care about a new roller coaster. New ride are very important to the general public too.
  6. regardless of opening absurdly late like WCR. Opening mid summer doesn't seem like the best business model. The slowest time of the year for most seasonal parks is the first couple of months like April may and even the beginning of June. If you open a brand new massive rollercoaster I would think you would want it to open for those months so you can try and maximize attendance early when its slower. Hence why Cedar Fair likes to have a gold pass last day sales date to incentives people to buy their pass before summer and hopefully come earlier.
  7. In regards to the Banshee discussion, I find it to be a much superior ride in the front row, unlike other inverts which ride best in the back. The front is much more forceful and smooth. To anyone who had a meh ride in the back I definitely recommend a front row ride.
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