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  1. The transit systems that serve Canada's Wonderland do not accept any change. You have to buy a card called PRESTO. They are available at most stops and stations. You must load the card and then swipe as you enter and exit the transit vehicle. I hope this helps. A warning though. Don't try to avoid buying or swiping your card. If you don't use your card correctly, then Transit inspectors will ding you with a $500.00 fine. That isn't true. Both the subway system and most busses accept cash still. Wonderland is also in process of building a bus terminal in the parking lot.
  2. I guess this should be obviously the case, but I want to ensure I can use the pass even while it's still 'being payed off'? Meaning if I took started this payment plan, I could start using it.
  3. Looking for some help regarding seasons passes: I noticed passes for next year are on discount currently. My friend and I are both getting them, but are wondering about the monthly payment method. How exactly does it work? - and are there any extra hidden fees it doesn't mention on the website? Because per the website math, the amount per month matches exactly to as if you paid it outright.
  4. My first day there a few days ago, the ride attendant told us that SV has yet to open on time for the 2019 season, due to cold mornings. She said due to this, they had to run it a bunch of times in the morning to 'warm it up' before people could ride it.
  5. Hm. I inferred the premium pass comment as something like the getting in early/late, or resort guest type thing. The people at the desk weren't very helpful. I guess I'm just a bit irked that it happened to re-open as the park closed, given that we were told it wasn't able to run due to safety. A part of me figured they just didn't plan on opening the ride that day, but made an exception later on for whatever reason for the stay-late guests. Regardless, just my bad luck I guess. Last time I visited Knotts Hangtime was closed too. >_<. Maybe next time.
  6. Went to the park the last few days, and I'm slightly baffled/annoyed. Got on many great rides, Steel Vengeance was awesome. However both days Gatekeeper & Raptor were closed the entire day due to winds, even though the wind directions were different both days. -What irked me more, today Gatekeeper was running before the park opened at 10, but the attendant told us it closed as soon as the park opened. At 8pm on closing, they reopened it on the way out. Confused why they'd open it post closing, I asked the info desk what was up, and they said the individual ride operator decided at opening it wasn't safe, but decided it was again right before closing, but could only take premium tickets due to the late hour (the winds had died down for hours). Is this a common occurrence, where they just close this ride and reopen for "premium", because it's obviously capable of running safely if they were later, and it seems very coincidental that winds were unacceptable just for the hours the park is open. Maybe they were short-staffed and just wouldn't admit it, but I'm upset as I travelled a long way and have never ridden a wing coaster (unless X2 counts).
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