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  1. Water coaster us awesome. This is one of the most well rounded Hurricane Harbors tbh
  2. Hank has gone on record saying that RMC Eagle is too expensive, but retracing is feasible. Water Coaster, bet
  3. RIP Fort Fun, If that's the big ball shooting room, I would spend hours in there as a kid.
  4. Apparently their are survey markings on stairs at the Tornado slide in the water park. Water Coaster?
  5. Not giving a free pass here, as you can probably objectively say operations are in the 6 to 8 out of 10 range. But enthusiasts make it seem like it's a 2 or 3 Trend seems to be especially noteworthy for this park. A local SFGAm message board is always bitching about any little nitpick Yes, they're literally like, "at Cedar Point they ask you how was your ride after every cycle, and that makes a huge difference, the ops at Six Flags are too lazy to do that". #1 stop comparing Great America and Six Flags operations policy in general to Cedar Point's and #2 little flairs like that are personal choices for ride operators (at least at Great America), if you get a shy/new operator, you probably won't get a friendly spiel on your return. That's just the luck of the draw; come back in a couple hours and you'll probably get a different experience.
  6. Nice to see the park in general exceeded your expectations. It seems to be a common trend among enthusiasts. Great photos too!! Also great to hear Batman was a walk on, I'm assuming operations were pretty smooth that day other than Superman.
  7. If they move Hometown Fun machine to where Sky Trail was, that would make a lot more room for an launch coaster (I'm growing more and more convinced about this). The only problem is they probably would've removed it by now.
  8. Found this on the SFMM thread, so I'm thinking more of an S&S coaster now
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