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  1. Not only is it probably too expensive, why would they RMC Eagle with goliath in the same park, let alone so close to it.
  2. The launches feel much different. Maxx Force feels instant with a lot of track to go before you go up. TTD feels like it accelerates forever. There is quite a bit of track with no acceleration on MF before you go up....faster acceleration for sure, but I prefer the TTD launch because it goes on forever in comparison. Visually TTD looks better as well, there is a lot of space between the launch and where you start to go up, obviously the height too. That being said MF is a fantastic ride that has a very good shorter layout, and silky smooth. Launch goes to TTD, overall ride, I think MF may have it.
  3. Do you mind pointing the direction where we can see or read something about this? I'd be interested to check it out. I'm pretty sure this is not verifiable information at this time. Jason McClure mentioned it at Coastermania, and didnt say where in the peninsula it would be going, but it has been assumed it is going where Sandcastle was.
  4. Isnt it already the world smallest dueling hybrid, which would make it the first park with three hybrids?
  5. Copperhead Strike having sensor problems all day, goes down for about 20 to 30 min at a time. Just like it cant tell when a train passes over a sensor, so down to one train now......
  6. I'm in. What to bet on.....if there is one?, what kind? Where? My point is simple. The plan of a coaster every 2 years at CP is extremely lucrative, so I am on the 2020 train for sure.
  7. I guess I'll just keep posting statements then. 2017 accommodations flat, just like I surmised. But wait they state that that is the primary source of out of park revenue. So no, I cant quantify it because I am not their accountant. But if their primary source of out of park revenue is accommodations, would it be safe to say that their primary park with accommodation would effect this line more than say a secondary contributor to this number. And I would consider accommodations the Marina as well, people go in and out all the time. Yes gas would count too, just like the omelette at Perkins would. After all, you wouldn't be eating that omelette if you weren't at Breakers.
  8. Alright, there is no point to this. There is another line on financials towards the top that you are referring to that was $177 million in 2018 that is accommodations and other add on spending. How do I know out of park spending is for accommodation. Because they said it. It will post it here again. "Out of park spending up 6%, duty to higher hotel occupancy levels and higher rates." That's it, they said it. Of course I cant prove from cedar point. But would it stand to reason that if you property that has 1600 rooms would effect that more than say, a campground at carowinds that is significantly cheaper per night. Or a 320 room hotel. It is just a guess, and yes you could argue against it. But come on, be reasonable....of course that bump came from CP. That's why they spent the money on renovation and expansion, that's why they are putting more hotels on other properties.
  9. Here you go. Up 28 million vs. 2013. And as stated up 6% 2017 to 2108 due to accomidations. Not broken down by park, but obviously not campgrounds at Carowinds. It is because of 1600 rooms at CP. Sorry if you dont get it. Just posting truths. It is not a bad thing and not sure why CP making tons of money because of accommodations is so taboo for this thread. Bottom line, build it and they will come.
  10. Yep, I'm a roller coaster enthusiast troll. Come on! Just look up their financials. Yes there are campgrounds, yes there is a 320 room hotel in California. But please, are you telling me that the 1600 rooms at CP aren't their biggest source of out of park revenue. If you think it is something else you are delusional. Heck it was said above, why would they spend 50 million on renovation and expansions at CO resorts if it all came from campgrounds at Carowinds. Or why would they be putting up hotels at Carowinds and Canadas Qonderland if it didn't make financial sense. Because the concept Is proven. I will post financials from 2012 on tomorrow. And you tell me that it is wrong.
  11. Thu Mar 14, 2019 5:03 pm What about it? ^^ Just you forgot that to. Renovaccommodations. Express opened in 2017, flat revenues though for accommodations. Breakers was 2018 and up 6% with sandcastle gone. So your renovations and expansion of breakers account for a 6% increase during that time. I'm talking about a plus 20% increase since gatekeeper that couldn't have happened from renovations and expansions because it wasnt in effect until 2017 and 2018. So worst case scenario 14% increase if you say all other increases are from breakers, breakers Express, and sandcastle demolition. 14% minimum came from somewhere else.
  12. You are right, knotts has a 320 room hotel. Totally forgot. The information is from their year end financials every year. Out of park spending last year was up 6% up to $152 million. Or about 1.5 million per percent. Yes some of that goes to the 320 rooms, but obviously the 1600 at CP is a larger part of that. If you just follow the financial starting at gatekeeper. Those are the numbers. You cant use Maverick because of the financial crisis, it is extremely weak, and an anomaly. Their financials are public Up 6% in 2014 Flat in 2015 Up 6% in 2016 Flat in 2017 Up 6% in 2018 Assume flat in 2019. There was a huge bump in 2013 from 2012, but that probably has a ton to do with the economy turning around. Up almost 20% The bottom line, based on 6% growth every year they add a coaster. That is a lot of money. In 2013 accommodation revenues were 127 million. Last year they were $152 million. That is $25 more million per year and what has changed in that time. A coaster every 2 years.
  13. I never understand why people use KI as a reason CP would or wouldn't be doing something. First they are 4 hours away from each other. Second, they are 2 different worlds. CP is a destination and that is inarguable. They have approximately 1600 accommodations. Every year CP opens a roller coaster, resort spending is up 6% the next year it is flat, and if they go another year it goes down 3%. These are easy numbers to look up, they are in the financials, and since CP has hotels and no one else does.....it is obvious where the numbers come from. Each percentage point is $1.5 million. So a 6 point gain is wort 9 million flat is the same 9 million for 18 total. But the next year you are down 4.5 million. So you net 13.5 million in occupancy from a new coaster in 3 years time. This does not include attendance or in park spending. Which we have to look up broadly. But across the chain IP spending is up $0.39. On attendance of 3 million ish. That's another 1.2 million at the low end driven primarily by fast pass sales. For 2 years that 2.4 million.....probably higher because let's be honest FP at MIA is not pushing that number up. This is why CP has been putting in a coaster every 2 years. They are running a resort, not just an amusement park. Up 6% year one. 9 million Flat year 2. 9 million In par spending. 2.4 million Total. 20.4 million Wait 2 years build a coaster avoid the 4.5 million drop in occupancy. Avoid the decrease in in park spending. 1.2 million realize those gains above again, but even higher with rising costs and exponential growth of about 2 percent 20.4 million 400k. Growth 5.7 million in unrealized losses 26.5 million over 2 year Build a $20 million coaster $6.5 million in profits over 2 year Wash, rinse, repeat
  14. Also the purchases off point. These purchases with Cedars, Stadium, and Sandcastle demos.....there is zero chance all that open land stays vacant. They just spent a ton of cash acquiring and demoing. Like said above, not just to plant flowers.
  15. Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure the 2 year anniversary was scrapped. It was to take place in 2019 for the 150th season and 2020 for 150th actual anniversary. 2020 they will be 150 years old, but its 150th season opens in May. When they were talking 2 years, it included 2019. They are not celebrating 150 years then the 152nd season. That makes no sense at all. They may not get a coaster because of the anniversary.....I think they will and have an idea of what and where. But that is moot. The celebration from my understanding is no longer 2 years. It is only in 2020.
  16. Never been to Carowinds and going on opening day from Chicago. Cant wait. CopperHead Strike looks amazing. Thank goodness the post was deleted that posted the official release of the POV and a moderator could post it. So much better, and so much more excited because of it.
  17. Unless I'm nuts I thought they said the ride length was 70 seconds. Obviously that is not the actual ride. So at best that means from when they check the restraints to when the restraints are released since the ride is more like 27 seconds. Assuming there is zero time to load the train and there are 16 seats per train like they said in the slides....then capacity is 822 per hour. Figure in load times and other misc. And they would be lucky to hit 700 PH in my opinion
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