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  1. In past years it has been the second weekend of May so I am assuming that this year will be the same.
  2. Are those extra pieces of wood for re-tracking of High Roller or is it just part of off season maintenance (Sorry I could not copy the image)
  3. As of now there are still no permits filed that would be for a new ride for 2019. By now I would be surprised if they added anything new for 2019 but I guess it still is possible.
  4. If you did not notice, in previous years the Looping Starship has been open during ValleyScare but not this year. Also the raging rapids ride in soak city near its entrance has been closed for a couple weeks. These two things lead me to thinking that the starship will be removed this season and so will the raging rapids. Also the entrance of soak city will be moved to near mad mouse. Then in 2019 they will begin construction and announce a soak city expansion
  5. I haven't been to the park for about a week but I've heard rumors from the gp online that the holding break is back
  6. I heard from a very high manager what the teaser posters mean. The Mississippi poster means that Cedar Fair is moving all their parks across the Mississippi. The poster about the crossing the border means that they will go to China to buy new Togos. And the number five poster means the son of beast will build all these new Togos
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/CPFoodBlog/status/1022125923120934912/photo/1
  8. That really isn't the critic's job to figure out to be honest. The burden of proof is on whoever is claiming that it is for Valleyfair I don't disagree with you and I doubt Valleyfair is getting anything big, or even anything at all. If the Mississippi poster is not for VF I wonder where it is for especially because VF is the only cedar fair park on/in the Mississippi
  9. Nah they're definitely getting a giga even though it is not legal
  10. "General imoprovements" i.e. remove a good ride for "future plans" of nothing
  11. While using slightly generous measurements on Google maps it appears that an RMC Raptor would fit in that area although Valleyfair is using the old area of the scrambler for a show that does not seem temporary. Also I think that Steel Venom is having more problems than just the holding brake not working. Yesterday when I went for about 4 hours I saw it stopped on the launch track on the 3rd or 4th pass through. I don't know if this usual but it seems to happening more often.
  12. Does anyone know why Wild Things third train is sitting to the side with the front car missing?
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