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  1. Wow these hours are sad. https://www.valleyfair.com/explore/calendar-and-hours No Mondays-Wednesdays or night rides outside of Grand Carnival. My guess is they’ve had a hard time hiring people so far or they possibly expect low attendance.
  2. No VF this year. Not much of a surprise by now though. https://www.valleyfair.com/park-update
  3. I wonder if Cedar Fair filing a suit or taking action against MN similar to what they did in OH would be reasonable at all. The reason I think this is a possibility is that the state has said places such as MOA can open that typically on an average day have about 110,000 guests in an indoor environment, but a place such as VF on average has far fewer guests while also being outdoors. I think though even if it is a reasonable claim, CF does not care enough about VF to do this, but maybe they would.
  4. I don't know how recently it was but the pass holder preview is canceled, hopefully, the bland carnival doesn't also have to be canceled, that would be a tragedy.
  5. As of now It looks like they will be opening on the scheduled date as of now https://www.valleyfair.com/park-update Who know if they will be actually able to open by then though, maybe this is just a strategy to keep all of the Karens from complaining.
  6. https://www.valleyfair.com/explore/calendar-and-hours Hmmmmm, December 2020 listed on the calendar!? wonder what that could be (Winterfest maybe)
  7. Ok, I may be completely wrong but as I was checking over my season pass status on VF's website I noticed that my season pass expires on 1/3/2021, instead of the usual date which would be 12/31/2020, and I could not help but notice that this would also be when Winter Fest would typically end leading me to believe I am probably wrong, but VF could be getting Winter Fest this year.
  8. I saw police cars and firetrucks rushing towards the front of the park, and was told by one of the head security guards that the Superior Stage had burned down. However, I didn't actually see the stage myself. The damage must not have been very bad as they started having shows on it again this weekend.
  9. It was all part of Cedar Fair's recent scheme to get rid of any ride, now anything that involves too much maintenance.
  10. Dang, to me this is actually fairly disappointing because I am one of those people that actually likes the Looping Starship as it is a strong 2nd place or possibly best flat ride in the park for me. I understand that Delirious is fairly similar, but to me, it just isn't the same as there is way less hang time, and it gives less of a feeling that you are about to get stuck upsidedown. I just hope that if they expand the water park there, that they don't put some pointless slow-paced tornado or toilet bowl slide in, I hope they put in a good fast slide complex or a fast-paced larger slide. I also wonder what will happen with next year's sales of season passes for 2020 will be. With the two consecutive years of no new rides, I think the sales will go down for a fairly obvious reason. I have heard many people say already that they probably will not get a season pass next year, or the next year if there is nothing good. So if they are adding a water park expansion it will need to be pretty big as people will likely not be very attracted by a small thing after two years of nothing. Anyways, RIP Looping Starship, and likely Excalibur soon
  11. I was at the park on Saturday and I was very surprised that this did not happen that day. On Saturday about four of the larger rides were open (Renegade, Wild Thing, Delirious, and Looping Starship) other than that all of the other thrill rides were closed. Also for most of the day, there were likely no more than 200 cars in the parking lot at one time. I am also surprised as the weather today was more or less better than yesterday except for a few moments. One more thing that I noticed and made me think they should have had at least Wild Thing and maybe Renegade closed was that they were running extremely slow. On WIld thing on the trip back after the midcourse, I got little to no airtime on the hills (felt like we likely would not make it) and every time I rode Renegade on the hill after going under the lift hill, it felt like the train would barely crest over the hill, even Looping Starship was running fairly slow (in its own way), as it took longer to get up to speed, and would then do only two complete loops while it usually does three, sometimes four. Other than that if I did not have a season pass, yesterday would be disappointing to me, as they did not tell you anything at all until you by your ticket about all of the closures and other things(Rides, Food, Dark Harvest, and all the Scare Zones were closed). At least the sliders were still out and they did not have all of the obnoxiously bright floodlights on.
  12. I definitely agree that the complaints are not much and they don't ruin the experience. The way I see it is that it is better this year safety wise because even though there are more lights there is less of a chance of another large fight, closing the whole park. The only downside I see this year is the new scare zone "Into the Darkness" feels very disappointing because while the scare actors are good, there is nothing else that goes with the area such as theming. Other than that the shows are pretty good, especially if you get a friend to get hypnotized at the hypnosis show (or you be part of the show!). One other thing that I like that they are doing this year is that they are letting fewer people into the mazes at a time (more scares!) such as about four people at a time instead of about 15 people at a time like last year.
  13. After what has happened at KD (Volcano) and KI (Vortex and Firehawk) where Cedar Fair has been just deleting the higher maintenance coasters that are ~30 years old, what the future of Corkscrew and especially Excalibur will be as they both fit into that category as Corkscrew is 39 and Excalibur is now 30. What I think is that Corkscrew is likely safe for now as its footprint is very small and not much would fit there, but I feel even though it has been wrongfully predicted for many years, that the next couple years will be Excalibur's last due to age and low popularity (I hope not though).
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