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  1. No doubt that its reridable....but the 3 hour wait without a trailblazers pass is killing it's multiple rides in a day appeal....lol
  2. KC area water parks might want to wait a few more years before trying to put in any type of larger ‘thrill’ water attraction.
  3. Alright....long time reader...first time posting. Been following this ride from it's announcement....from the KC area originally....never felt that this ride was safe for me and my family. My .02 cents... In the real world....they need to say "We are sorry, we feel like crap this happened in our park and to the victims, we are going to support the impacted in all ways legally possible, we fired all involved (I assume they haven't), we will help the authorities prosecute the case to seek justice (they kind of tried to say this), we don't know how to make it better but we are dedicated to the mission that it will never happen again in our parks". But instead this crap release statement reeks of lawyer speak to ensure that the pending legal preceding will impact the company and it's employees as little as possible is the #1 goal. I wouldn't trust this company to walk my dog. I'm sure the victims family is really happy that their employees kids and grandkids happily walked away from Verruckt to live happy lives. Horrific. Schlitterbahn released the following statement after the water park was indicted: "We’ve reviewed the indictment against Schlitterbahn Kansas City and Tyler Miles and we plan on contesting the allegations. Since the date of the incident we have worked closely with law enforcement; at no time have we withheld evidence; at no time have we altered evidence. The indictment uses quoted statements from a reality TV show that was scripted for dramatic effect that in no way reflects the design and construction of the ride. "The safety of our Schlitterbahn guests and employees has been at the forefront of our culture throughout our 40 years of operations. Many of us rode Verruckt regularly, as did our children and grandchildren. We have faith in the justice system and are confident that when we finally have an opportunity to defend ourselves, it will be clear that this was an accident. We stand by our team and will fight these charges." I'd challenge all of you to consider not supporting this company.
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