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  1. Joker at SFNE.......that ride keeps growing on me even though its not a traditional coaster......the new fangled 4D stuff is cute and all but I still love me some Superman The Ride on the CT River.....so epic
  2. Actually, we implemented a new policy this year! If your row is empty, you can reride! Holy krap!!! For real? Is this on all rides? So many times we’ve been there and rolled up after riding and nobody in the row and we ask tonreride and they’re like “sorry bro - gotta go around”.....not sure what the reasoning was there but was maddening....I always ask anyway and it’s not like it goes down like that all the time....it’s like 50/50....HITP 2017 I got four rides on Batman by asking.....but it was 22 degrees and nobody was in line lol....man my face froze after that
  3. All right everyone calm down.....that may have come off a bit harsh - I certainly understand there are medical conditions/diseases/disabilities/whatever that are otherwise completely invisible - I get it.....however it’s not ok to have to be held back three trains in a row because folks with this priority privilege keep arriving and there’s no plan to handle that......people in the regular line, regardless of where they are should only have to wait once.....the folks at the exit can wait one train.....they should do it in a modified version of how they do it on thunderbolt anyway.....before opening the gates figure out where the people want to sit and then don’t let boarding riders into that lane.....would keep people from getting all pissed off when someone takes their ride.... And when I pay six flags to skip the line I expect to not have to wait 30 minutes to get on WC.....so ya....I’m entitled to that for sure
  4. Well at least on Saturday we got bumped out of row 1 three times in a row and the people were hardly having medical issues or disabled....it was so annoying....did hear from daughters friend that at least on Supe theory’s not supposed to let those folks board row 1 or back row but who knows....seems a good portion of ride ops aren’t real strict....case in point how they’ll let through say 2 people on a flash pass good for only 1.....seen that a lot
  5. ^Also ya....we have the season platinum flash pass cuz I was weak and my 11 yr old daughter gave me that look when we upgraded last week but ya....even with those passes it’s really annoying waiting for the front or the back and getting bumped cuz of those priority boarding people showing up at the exit.....we got bumped three trains in a row waiting for row 1 and 2 on WC and were bumped once on Supe.....they need to make it so that only happens once or something....the platinum flash pass is just too expensive to have to deal with that....
  6. ^lol....I don’t ride flashback anymore....I can’t stand those OTS restraints and honestly I feel like I’m gonna just fall out at any moment.....even on the lift hill lol....that combined with it’s valley history I’m just not getting on it....they need to get rid of that thing.....and Goliath....and then build something big....expand to the north where the property is still undeveloped.....
  7. You’re welcome. Honestly would have never known the ride has its own category....lol....seemed hokey AF.....IDK....
  8. Read that WC was having issues today but we got on relatively painlessly around 2:30ish.....both trains were running and the only problem really was that people with “priority” boarding passes from the exit lane kept taking front row seats....that’s annoying AF - especially when you’re paying a premium to have the flash pass....had to wait three trains.....anyway the ride was flying....anybody know the actual issue today that I’ve read about on here? Got on Supe today also and man that thing seems like it’s flying already this early season....that ride is amazing really....I know folks hate the restraints but it’s really not a thing.....I never rode it when it had the T-bar.....saw on here that they’re using these new wheels - yellow instead of blue - and maybe that’s helping.....so far this early season we’ve had great rides on that thing.....such an awesome ride..... Joker is slowly growing on me.....rose it maybe 5 or 6 times now and it’s definitely good and I like how you never get the same ride....you can always count on a hair raiser inversion at least once.....where you’d totally fall out if not for the restraint..... Also we went on Houdini today for the first time since we had passes in 2015.....can someone go over that ridiculous ride....how do they do that? You never upside down so the outer shell must be rotating also....thatbrode is weird AF.... And Goliath is still down.....lol....poor Goliath though....
  9. Not gonna lie....I’m more of a Marvel dude just cuz MCU movies are killing it compared to DCEU stuff but when it comes to SFNE it doesn’t really matter to me....I just need to know if Supe and WC and Batman and Riddler are running fast and hot.....that’s all that really matters....
  10. Grid is the Earth-3 (Crime Syndicate) counterpart of Cyborg. He's basically Bizarro Cyborg, but he's not. He resembles some skull robot thing. And he has the sexiest voice. At least to me. mary.pesik, this is the 3rd time I have posted a quote of yours on the "Dumbest things Ever said on TPR Thread". As of right now, there are literally 3 on the same page. You don't think that you should improve how you conduct yourself on TPR? Nobody cares about the specifics of the Cyborg franchise here. We don't want to hear from cringey 16 year old fangirls. We just want to talk about the park and its attractions. Wait so her post is junk? Or what ?
  11. The lap bar incident was happening, then causing stacking Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk What is the lap bar incident?
  12. Not gonna lie....I have no idea who Grid is....lol OTOH....new wheels on Supe sounds fukin dope....and hopefully they have both trains running..... LOL WC cycle time.....I swear it doesn’t matter what time of year....load time is always horrendous....not sure maybe if last year was an off season....maybe a train was down but dang it seemed like it always was 5, 6, 7 minutes to dispatch......man
  13. How is Supe and WC running though? Anybody get on this weekend? Probably get up there next week or weekend.....
  14. Guys.....can't wait 3 more days until I can get back on WC and Supe.....love
  15. Hello? Any news? I'm really missing Supe and WC......I need my fix....hows the new ride coming along?
  16. Went up around 5:30 with the 8 yr old and stayed until 8:30.....real nice....temps were perfectly chilly....the warming stations were nice - especially the ones burning real wood.....because I was only with the 8 yr old we only got on the smaller stuff but thunderbolt really ran great in the front I thought.....our second ride in the back of car 2 was good but not as good as the front row....really hauled up there for whatever reason....Best I’ve had up there....
  17. Looks great.....just like it did last year....warmer temps for next weekend should make a Batman ride more comfortable....hoping to head up tomorrow
  18. I think the park was open today.....solid showing by only New England Six Flags park to start 2018 HITP where 2017 HITP left off....COLD AF.....looks to warm up next week after deluge overnight tomorrow.....hope to get up there tomorrow or Sunday.....
  19. Harley Quinn? Still....I look forward to riding Batman multiple times in a row like last year when the crowd on those 25 degree nights was nada.......so fun......I will definitely add Joker and Riddler to my winter list this year as last year for whatever reason I didn't venture on to these.....I'll stay away from HQ cuz honestly that thing scares the SOOM......same reason I won't attempt Sky Screamer......who knows......I do love Scream though and hopefully this HITP Thunderbolt will stall on the lift hill like it did last December......adds a bit of intrigue to the ride......they said it does that in cold temps lol
  20. Oh please oh please add WC.....I get they need to control overhead and can’t open too much park but still....hopefully if HITP continues to succeed here they can get Supe open too.....if this December is more “normal” than it was last year it should be more comfortable more of the month....last years freezer box was a bit anamolous for December
  21. Lol the Big E.....we went once.....gonna head up to SFNE tomorrow....haven’t been in a few weeks....kids were itching for rides on Wicked Cyclone and Supe.....gonna have to go early - like opening to 6 - cuz the kiddos hate FF....couple years ago we were late getting out of the park by like 5 min and I had to carry my then 9 yr old the whole way out of the park.....if you don’t know the exit is all uphill.....she’s not over it lol
  22. Wait.....are you saying the train is different this season? Now that they have it running? It’s been down pretty much the whole season....I had ridden it once a couple seasons ago and have avoided it cuz the ride was so head jarring....I sat in last car.....I mean inseriously walked off the thing with a headache and that normally doesn’t happen to me....I have a decent tolerance for coaster shakes....anyway nice report....we haven’t gone up in a few weeks and need to get back during fright fest before the real cold stuff sets in and we have to wear ski clothes during HITP.....lolz
  23. Its definitely because Great Escape doesn't have a FP system......has to be: So our home park is SFNE and we went with the DE membership this year - well we upgraded shortly after the season started.....during some sale....anyway - usually we get our STL passes at the FP office and they actually scan your membership card and then the system prints the two passes which you declare your ride and they write it on the pass and initial it...... However, twice this year we went when the weather was junk - cloudy and off and on rain - so the crowd was very low.....they closed the FP office and put a sign on the door that said to go to member services to get your STL passes.....so when we went up there they gave us what you're talking about.....a pass for any ride for up to 4 people that expires at the end of the 2018 season....the difference was that member services isn't set up to do flash pass stuff so they just handed out these cards.....it was good inside knowledge into how the STL passes and FP are tied together.....I took advantage of this to drive the 20 min up to the park during rainy periods and secured several more of those passes.....its like gold....didn't stay - just left to save for another day
  24. Quick TR.....we did water first today arriving around 12:30....temp was struggling to get 80 and pretty dry so the crowd was pleasantly light....spent 4.5 hrs riding whatever we wanted....refreshing.... Then left water and changed and headed for some rides....Superman is still running red train only....such a bummer....crowd was noticeably increased since when we entered....but my sweet ass passes I secured earlier trips combined with my diamond elite skip the line passes served us well to get on supe.....they were turning fools away at the locker room but we showed our passes and they let us by....waited 4 cycles and boarded car 5 front row....easily the best ride I’ve had this season on Supe....floater was tremendous and the ejector on hill 3 was amazing as usual....running great Headed over to WC as my 8-yr old decided this was his man up trip.....he’s been eligible for WC since last year but today he finally was ready....used sweet skip the line passes to skip the 1 hour line and boarded in 15 min....not gonna lie - even with the seat belt and the restraint all the way down I still felt like it wasn’t enough....we departed the station and headed up the hill....he was nervous but as we rolled over the hill and gently fell into the drop and first overbank he was already screaming “Ahhhhhh I love this ride!!!!!”.....luckily the slow mo barrel rolls didn’t deposit him on the ground below lol.....he came off loving it Then we left and found Goliath stuck like A truck in the muck.....lol
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