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  1. Just to be clear I outlined in the blue what they meant from where rivers once flowed this is part of the 1993 map showing there first waterpark before hurricane harbour. Honestly GA has 2 kiddie areas and this area is not very traveled and as popular than the other kiddie area near the log flume and I think 2020 is going to see this dead area of the park revitalized and freshened up
  2. Really we should get a gci or some kind of woodie because since rolling thunder closed there hasent been a traditional wooden coaster at GA and looking at the land six flags could easily squeeze in a wooden coaster that mabey could extend over the water or something but who knows what there putting there its probley gunna end up being knotts beerys boomerang tbh
  3. I really hope six flags dosent skrew this place up, by putting looney tunes and dc characters in the park and ruin the old school theming that the park has. But yet again its six flags and who ever knows what there up to
  4. Dude, use proper grammar on the forums. “Gunna” and “mabey” looks unprofessional and there are actually policies about it on TPR’s forums. Use an autocorrect program if you need to. Didn't realize yall were grammer nazis on here
  5. Im assuming six flags is gunna use this park to tap into the cedar fair region once again like they did with geauga lake in the 2000s and who knows mabey there gunna rmc predator in 2020!?
  6. To bad no parks in America could do anything like this anymore, schwarzkopf still holds up to this day in my books but hey one can dream
  7. Any speculations pf whos building this? I would geuss GCI, gravity group or intamin but who would really undertake such a task like that?
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