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  1. About a year ago, a small park named Drievliet presented their new Rollercoaster for the 2007 season. It would be a Launched X-Car Coaster by Maurer-Söhne, featuring 2 inversions. I've been to Drievliet many times, and I never thought that Drievliet would ever have an inversion Rollercoaster, when Rcdb spread the news I was thrilled (without even riding it ) In December 2006 a local newspaper published a story about the new coaster. Drievliet was searching test-riders for the Formule X, so I signed in. Last week I got a message from the park that I could come and test the thing. So, after a boring day of school, I went to Drievliet last wednesday: trying out the new coaster. Formule X is a nice coaster, better than any ride in Drievliet (that's not difficult, the park is really small!). It starts off with a small turn, and than the car accelerates to 70 km/h (about 40 mph), into a dive-loop, overbanked turn, bunny hop, heartline roll, another overbanked turn (better than the first one) and the brakes. It's a small coaster for a small park, but a good one! Some more info: http://rcdb.com/id3602.htm Rcdb about Formule X http://themepark.nl/ubb/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=302952&page=1&fpart=14 Much photo's of the testing day! (Just scroll the whole topic!) So that's it I guess!
  2. My home park is Duinrell (Wassenaar, Netherlands) They only have a Tivoli Large, so I guess that will be it...
  3. You can say that again! Anyway, my favourets: The Blackout (Wales) Ambiossis (Netherlands) R.I.P. Smogus (NL) R.I.P. Dreadlock Pussy (NL) R.I.P. Concubine (NL) Koroded (Germany) Recbow (Ger) Godsmack (USA) P.O.D. (USA) Alter Bridge (USA), So much better then Creed! Muse (UK)
  4. Hello, I'm Erik, I'm 17 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I've been watching movies from this site for a while, and I decided to post here some stuff or something every once in a while. I'm a coasterfan for a while now. I'm haven't been to much theme parks but they will only become more in the future. My favoured coaster is Expedition GeForce, Holiday Park (Germany) and my favoured theme park is Movie Park Germany. That's it for the introduction. See you all in the other topics
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