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  1. would be nice if they put in a dark ride there, but if they want to stick with the boardwalk theming, I could absolutely see them moving some of the carnival type games over there, and then dropping in a flat (or maybe dark ride) across from MaxAir, where they pulled the games from. most likely, I suspect we're looking at a flat tho. . maybe a Scrambler. not recalling, but does CP have a scrambler? They do. It’s by the Matterhorn and Corkscrew.
  2. http://www.wkyc.com/mobile Interesting article posted today about the plot of land by Wicked Twister... anxious to see what it becomes!
  3. I absolutely love what I saw today, but I'm not jumping on the "best in the world" train just yet. The second half has GOT to maintain that speed in order for me to be comfortable considering it the best in the world, and it can be easy for animated POV's to make a coaster look faster than it really is (*ahem* Wicked Cyclone).
  4. Actually, they can according to the official rules. Read the last two lines under the heading "Contest Description". https://d3knbu6191stae.cloudfront.net/binaries/content/assets/cp-en-us/blogs/2018-sneak-peek-official-contest-rules.pdf
  5. Looks like we finally have names for these wanted characters. I wonder if this will be sent out to the media. The bottom card with wording is mostly covered, but if you read closely at the bottom it says "Please RSVP" so that one is the one for announcement day information.
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