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  1. Kings Dominio's was never confirmed as August 16 (though likely, 816 could be a red herring).
  2. Is this not going to be a formal anounecent? Because KD's teasers say "816" meaning possibly also on August 16th. Seems weird for Cedar Fair to announce two coasters in one day unless they've done that before.
  3. It also looks like the lift ends earlier horizontally, not over the original crest. There's also been a big hole at the original crest, maybe just to remove the chain sprocket and greasy wood, maybe not. I'm wondering about a surprise here, maybe even a pre-drop inversion or dip. My guess is a dip and turn around before a dive-over drop. One thing that I can predict based on how low to the ground this ride is getting is that the airtime will be almost violent. There seems to be so much height differential in the hills that have new wood on them. I'm predicting that this one will be kind of an Iron Rattler Jr, where it's relentless in bouncing whipping you around, plus many drops. Mean Streak is more like an over-sized Wicked Cyclone.
  4. PLEASE let there be another spooky shed in Candy Apple Grove (Or do they just call it "The Grove?) I really want there to be a shed. With...windows? I enjoyed Mystic Timbers teasers a bit too much... Hopefully there will be a drop track this time instead of Gary Numan's Cars.
  5. I think Kings Dominion could have one of the best top 3s out of any park with Intimidator, Iron Hurler, and Volcano.
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