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  1. you can get FL at the breakers gift shop and it is open well before the park is with little to no wait.
  2. Ugh, good grief ! You know, this thread was doing really well for awhile.
  3. White lightning at fun spot has a 55 foot steel section of this new track and looks to be a seamless transition between wood track to steel track . This for one, is a main reason Six Flags will never be re-tracking Predator fully. If they can just get rid of the horrible parts (which I feel is 1/3 of the course) and make it tolerable for most (not me) they most surely will. White lightning was also built by the by the original manufacturer (GCI) and is much newer. Predator has a considerable amount of hopeless track and was made Buy Dinn, This thread will kill these facts and try to hope for more. my best hope is they just re-track the 540 and the the hill before and after.
  4. Don't do it! When we went last year we ingested on recommendation by our friends from Cincy who swear by Skyline chili, said it was a Cincy must and Said that it was great. So we went and ordered what we thought would be chili and were served what seemed to be some pre-digested, finely pureed meat product (With a hint of cumin) with some form of artificial cheese substance on top . I am very tolerant with food and can eat just about anything but this is just plain old awful food. Anyone who can say this stuff is good is palate deaf. I am amazed there are multiple locations that sell it and it is also sold in cans (similar to Alpo by the way) at your local supermarket. Eat at your own risk.
  5. It took 1 hour 40 minutes or so on a Sunday just after a heavy rainfall in August.
  6. Nitro, last Wednesday. It was a walk on day at Great Adventure and my family and I finished the day with Nitro, Congo river, repeat twice more then Nitro. It was a hot day and we all new these were are last rides of the year most likely, so it was time to marathon away.
  7. there was no hand stamp re-entry all 3 days we went. app or pass only at the re-entry gate.
  8. I was there Sunday and Monday also and was suprised so many were wearing masks. Social distancing however does not exist here at all. On a side note for those in our boat of coming from another, closed six flags park (Ours, Darien Lake) I had A chat online about using our season passes without a prior visit to our home park and using them elsewhere and was told that is being allowed this year, however, it was a bit of a hassle on our second day as our passes were not scanning as valid even though they were. If you are in this situation, ask for a supervisor and they will check it out and let you enter. It cost us about 15 minutes extra to enter and re-entry was also a problem. I suggest stopping at guest services prior to re-entry and with a little patience and another supervisor visit (another 15 minutes extra) they issued comp tickets for re-entry. You will have to do this every time and suggest planning for this. On a more positive note, everything was running and ops were better than we expected. This was my families first visit here in 9 years and you can forget how non stop aggressive fantastic El Toro is. Nitro is stil my #2 B&M hyper and how much fun this park is. We are off to the park now for our 3rd and final day and hope it goes great.
  9. Yes, agreed, I drive 5 hours to get the point, so a 10-15 minute trip to a good hotel is definitively worth it to me and my family. there are really good hotels there by Milan Rd. and rte. 2. Hampton Inn has been a go to for us and If you don't mind a 15- 20 minute commute, there is a really good Radisson Inn and suites and another even better Hampton Inn right by Milan and The turnpike. All in the same price range.
  10. CP also has their own Intamin shop on site maintaining the 4 coasters and rapids ride plus whatever else is Intamin related. I do not think any other park has that available.
  11. If anyone really needs to see where current progress is at you can go here. https://www.weatherbug.com/weather-camera/?cam=MSNKS
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