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  1. My guess is that they'll only be accessible from the front when the park is closed (as Chocolatetown will be open year-round). So that begs the question, what defines ChocolateTown? From reading, the fountain, carousel, Starbucks, etc, are all considered part of ChocolateTown. Yet, the carousel, fountain, and starbucks are located within the park and the restaurant, ice cream parlor, and retail are accessible from both (just found that out). I guess this is to be answered later, so will the carousel, starbucks, and fountain be open year round?
  2. So one question I have. Unless I am mistaken, It appears as though the restaurant, ice cream parlor, and retail shop will be accessible from both inside and outside the park. How will they handle this?
  3. I will give you the same advice I tell people when going to parks who ask this question... At that young of an age, they most likely aren't going to remember any of their trip when they are older. So them being there are more for you and your memories, the photos you take, and the enjoyment you have with them being there. Keep in mind the ship does have many activities and facilities for even toddlers (we'll get into some of that on our future installments) but really I think the decision is more up to you and how important it is to you for them to be there. If this trip is more to focu
  4. Nice report. So with that, I will ask the experts. We were planning on going on a Disney Cruise for the first time. I have a 5 year old and at the time of the cruise, 1 year old twins. Would you recommend taking the twins on the cruise? Would having the twins with us prevent us from enjoying all there is that is offered? Looking for any thoughts and opinions on this.
  5. We are visiting Dollywood for the first time this week in celebration of my 40th birthday. The weather is calling for rain. Does Dollywood run rides in the rain or do they completely shut down? It's not looking good this week so trying to see what I am going to be able to get on. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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