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  1. In the Raw 2 doesn't let you down with great footage. Raw 1& 2 are the best DVD's from TPR I have got out of the 8. I am a lover of steel coasters and disk 2 is my favorite. I think that is only because we don't have any woodern coasters in Australia and I haven't been on a wood coasters. Would love to try one. I am off to see Coaster Expedition V11 today.
  2. I have made a park and need a bit more land but don't know how to buy land out side the square. I am running sandbox mode. Could anyone help me.
  3. Word is out that Disneyland with be coming downunder. Story's on Australian radio say that Disney is looking for a location to put the park. They have been looking around the Sydney area. This would be great for Australia as all the parks are in Queensland's Gold Coast.
  4. I remember some time back there was talk about TPR doing a show on the Discovery Channel. Is this true?
  5. Thrillville is no good. Give me RCT3 anyday. I can't say anything about NL because I haven't seen it in Australia. Does anyone know if you can get it in Australia?
  6. I have RCT3 and I am trying to bulid the Superman escape ride Australia. I dont know how to get the ride to run at a slow pace the stop and then shoot out over the first hill. I need help.
  7. From what is being said all I know is that people are looking to see if there is going to be a RCT 4.
  8. The only thing that I would like is to be a person on the ground and you can pick what rides and what food to eat. And see the park from there eyes. That would give you a good idea of what your park looks like.
  9. HELP! I am having some problems getting in to run on RCT3. What are the steps as I may be missing one. Thanks
  10. Matty. You did a great job on the Dreamworld Park. I tried it and yours makes my park look like a 5year old did it. I have tried to download the park and put it on RCT3 but with no luck. Can you tell me how?
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