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  1. In The Loop posted a YouTube video that showcased the presentation. In the video, they also showed a park map with a few (Future) references such as a spinning coaster and a flying coaster. The river rapids ride is also listed as a future addition. Hopefully they stick to the plans and build these rides, it would definitely add to their already impressive lineup. Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beeTsiuciTI
  2. I wouldn't get to optimistic. I'm thinking these other things hinted at are just general improvements. Any new permits tho? XD
  3. The park officially announced what they're doing next year. Here's the link... https://www.valleyfair.com/blog/2021/august/2022-brings-new-excitement-and-improvements-to-valleyfair?ltclid=ed5470ba-2021-4007-83b1-99905bb4a4ae Hopefully when they renovate Coasters they will add on to it to increase capacity. That place is always so crowded during meal hours. The new bar is an exciting addition. Whenever I would walk by superior stage, it would always be crowded so maybe they will also change up the area a little bit to help with foot traffic. Meanwhile I am very excited to see what the new Halloween celebration is they are talking about. Valleyscare is always a large money magnet for VF so it's exciting to see Cedar Fair recognizing this. Curious if this involves moving around Haunt mazes located behind high roller to other locations in the park in order to make room for coaster supports. Now that VF can build above 300 feet, I would love to see a giga over there. Will it ever happen though, most definitely not unfortunately. Overall I'm not too disappointed as I knew Covid would really affect Cedar Fair parks, specifically VF. However, I do wish they were doing more if this was a year reserved only for general improvements. I would've loved to see more renovated bathrooms or new smaller food venues.
  4. They also posted something saying "Now that the party is over, stay tuned for your regularly scheduled coaster content." Maybe they'll be doing something else on top of GC next year? How much does something like GC actually cost to put on?
  5. If you're speaking in regards to replacing Steel Venom, doubtful. The holding break just started working on it again so I don't imagine it going anywhere.
  6. They just announced that Valleyscare is opening this year starting October 2nd. This was announced via TikTok for anyone curious.
  7. I was just thinking about this. It definitely brings a little optimism to the table. Anyone know if Valleyfair has filed any permits or trademarks from the city of shakopee? Who am I kidding? I'm getting ahead of myself. But then again national coaster day is around the corner...
  8. Grand Carnivale actually hasn't been all that bad so far. Whenever I've been there the crowds have been massive. The lines for rides are really backed up and the parking lot has been full even up by ripcord. Now idk how much GC cost to put on and if VF has been making a profit but I do know one thing: We've been proving to Cedarfair that VF can indeed pack crowds.
  9. Are they doing Haunt/ Valleyscare this fall? I have not heard anything about it yet. With that being said the park was indeed incredibly busy opening weekend of GC and hopefully will draw in Cedar Fair's attention. Especially with competition ramping up with Lost Lsland and Adventureland, I'm actually optimistic for once that we can be getting something.
  10. Valleyfair really does need a coaster though. They have an rmc Raptor coming to Sioux Falls eventually. It got delayed due to covid but never canceled officially. Then they have lost island theme park coming in with a intamin launch and Venom invert coming. Adventureland just got a sms free spin ride and has had 3 Coasters built in the last 5 years. I'm sure Cedarfair management has noticed this and will give more attention to Valleyfair.
  11. Raptor was also built in 1994. It could just be the marketing team messing around but could this be the newest tease for a roller coaster coming next year?
  12. I got some good news. While at the park today I noticed that the holding break on Steel Venom was back up and working again!
  13. I’m honestly disappointed with the new stage being built. Look at the stage where all wheels extreme used to be. Used for a whole two years and then just left in the dust. I hope this won’t have the same pattern but then again I already thought they had enough stages in the first place. Thoughts on this?
  14. I know that Valleyfair isn’t getting any rides next year, but is it safe to say that we may at least get something new? Maybe a new restaurant or something? They had Chick-fil-A available at the chicken shack sometimes so maybe they’ll look into getting a permanent one? Does anyone have thoughts on this subject or even predictions maybe?
  15. they could make it an inverting coaster. and they could make a nice new log flume ride where the amphitheater. and yes that is all way too expensive for cedar fair to put at their second smallest park. I don’t see a flume ride coming back as Minnesota already has a good one at the MoA and correct me if I’m wrong, but I also don’t find them to be all that popular among the general public anymore.
  16. How was Valleyscare over MEA? Was it pretty busy and slow, or did the lines and traffic move quickly?
  17. How did Valleyscare go this weekend? It had to of been better than last week, that’s for sure! Wasn’t able to make it out there myself this weekend but am looking forward to the next couple weekends! On another note, is Cedarfair going to break the 5 or 6 year tradition of getting something new every year for Valleyfair? Cedarfair has been doing such a good job with Valleyfair these past few years with area one, and I was really looking forward to seeing what they had planned for Valleyfair next year, but I’m kind of disappointed with them. Are we the only park missing an announcement for the next year, and if so is Cedarfair just giving up on Valleyfair all of a sudden?
  18. The security guards seemed to be doing fine when I went through the checks, so I don’t think the problem was through that, but then again all it takes is one person having a security check done wrong to cause something like this. I’m leaning more toward the idea that the knife, or any other sort of weapon, may of been just tossed over the dinos alive fence, and retrieved once they were inside the park. Once the guests were evacuated from the park, all it took to spread the issue were people reaching into their cars and pulling out whatever weapons they had inside their cars. That was one of the things that I heard someone mention in a video I watched on Facebook, is that people were pulling out weapons from their cars and getting involved. I’m very thankful that I parked near Steel Vnom and was able to get out of there before things just got awful. According to what I had heard there were about 100 police officers there and a helicopter with a searchlight. I feel really bad for Valleyfair, they never would of been able to see something like this coming. I just hope nobody sues. On a more somewhat positive note, is Dark Harvest/Hellside Farm not making a return? I really loved that maze and it was even one of my favorites, even though it was typically understaffed. And is anyone else disappointed by the scare zone that used to be where the blood creed cemetary used to lie? I had gone through there to pick up some Chick-fil-a before the park had evacuated and found it to be pretty lame. It was more of an entertainment attraction to me. That was the only thing I got a chance to do though, as I was heading to Beserkers Unleashed when they announced through the speakers that the park was being evacuated. Overall, with the cherry on top being Hacks Live not returning, Valleyscare is off to a bad start with me. Other opinions?
  19. Anyone know what happened tonight at Valleyscare? I went there for opening weekend and it was chaotic. There were police officers carrying shotguns, there was a swat truck there, and they had to evacuate the entire park and close it for the evening.
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