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  1. Yes, I know this is a TPR board, and I've been a member for awhile. I know you want to get your name out there in pics, but I think it's really tacky and unprofessional that you had to place a magnet on the unfinished coaster to promote your site on a special invite only back-lot tour of the new area. You wouldn't go to a museum tour and stick your business card on an original painting and take a picture, would you? And yes, I know the magnet wouldn't do any damage, but just don't understand why people are so unwilling to keep their hands to themselves?
  2. No. It's not even my first visit to one this month. But it is perhaps the first time that, as the user above notes, that I've noticed the ticket booths entirely replaced by a makeshift will-call station. It makes me wonder if they are going to decide to remove the ticket booths at some point?
  3. I went to Magic Mountain this past Sunday and I haven't seen anyone post about this yet. The will-call ticket area has been moved to the far left ticket booth located before the security checkpoint. All regular ticket sales are now sold from where will-call used to be located after the security checkpoint. I asked around about this, and they said that all remaining ticket booths out front were just being used for storage for now. Can anyone else confirm what they future plans are for this? Is it a trial run of sorts?
  4. I'm a Diamond Elite Member... ... and went to Magic Mountain on Saturday (5/25). I don't usually go on Saturdays because I know the crowds are horrible. I only went Saturday because a friend was visiting from NorCal and it was supposed to rain on Sunday. I went online to reserve preferred parking early in the day on Friday, thinking preferred parking would still be available, but it was full and I was added to a waitlist. Was told online when added to waitlist that if something came open before 9a on Saturday, I would receive an email. I got to SFMM around 11am, got to the toll booth to have my DE member card scanned and was asked if I wanted to pay $10 for preferred parking. I told the team member that I was tried to reserve online and that it was full. Was told there was nothing she could do. Drove around and had to park in H2 area in front of Scream. Preferred Parking area was barely 1/3 full. Went to Guest Relations and spoke with a awesome team member who listened to our issue. (Don't want to say complaint.) I told her I couldn't reserve parking because it was full but was offered to park there for $10. (Would it have been $5, since DE members get 50% off?) In fact, come to find out, they were offering it EVERY guest. Explained to her that I didn't think it was right that DE members have the pay to use Preferred when it's offered as a perk for being DE. For the inconvenience and being patient, she ended up giving our group three front of the line passes for any rides except X2 and Crazanity.
  5. From Sue Carpenter: Yeah, I saw that on ScreamScape... But doesn't the park itself make an announcement to all media outlets?
  6. Not a fan of Green Lantern either, but I'll believe it when the park releases a statement saying the ride is being removed. Also, whatever happened to the Solar Panel farm that was going to be installed over the parking lot? Haven't heard much about that since the press release.
  7. Just looking for an update on this? No one responded when I asked last week. Thanks in advance. Found a link on the SFMM site (who would have guessed) it has all your perks listed for your level. Elite Passholes Perks for SFMM Thank you! I was looking for the info on my phone, but was having a hard time locating it.
  8. Just looking for an update on this? No one responded when I asked last week. Thanks in advance.
  9. Does anyone happen to know if Diamond Elite membership holders can still get unlimted friends in with 50% off tickets. I remember you could last year, but the only thing I can find under My Rewards / Coupons is a one time use get a friend in for 50% off until the end of January. Can anyone confirm this change?
  10. Anyone else having problems getting the reserved parking vouchers. I'm trying to reserve parking for tomorrow (10/12) and everything goes through and I'm confirmed. I go to print the voucher and it shows "Reservation Error #1: Unable to find confirmation voucher", even though I have a confirmed reservation. I just ended up canceling the reservation since I have nothing to show at the park.
  11. That's odd. I successfully signed up at the beginning of September for the rewards program. And after seeing your post, I decided to check my account. It looks like they reset everything and I'm no longer registered. I also get the error message when trying to re-sign up.
  12. Here's a video on Reddit... https://www.reddit.com/r/rollercoasters/comments/9eordo/tatsu_has_new_lightup_wheels_and_they_look_amazing/
  13. That link says access denied... First of all, did you really need to quote the ENTIRE POST?!?!? And secondly, I don't have control over that link. I'm sure the link will become active at some point, so you just calm yourself down and keep clicking over and over and over again until it becomes active and let us all know. Thanks.. Didn't mean to repost the whole thing. I apologize for that, but did you really have to respond so rude like that? I assumed since you posted the link that it was live and that was where you got the press release from. No reason to come off so snippy.
  14. I received my survey today at it was questions about a new Membership Rewards Program. No questions about rides or such. I did notice they ask what park is your home park. Mine is SFMM and they are asking about giraffe feeding and stuff. Last time I checked SFMM didn't have giraffes. They need to make the surveys appropriate to what you select as your home park. Oh, and they really need to proofread before sending these surveys out....
  15. Am I the only one that read that as it says, which 3 would be the tallest? I didn't see where it was asking about new names. Are passholders and those with memberships supposed to be getting these surveys, because I didn't get one?
  16. You ever walked around a park with a map in your pocket all day? Those things get beat up! Especially if you get on a water ride! I understand that. Guess I'm saying if you're gonna post about a development like this, get a new map! LOL
  17. For it to be a new map, why does it look so old and worn out? Why are there no maps announcements anywhere else?
  18. That's where they have been shooting the fireworks from the past couple of years. Before the show, they shut down Tatsu and Yolo Coaster and reopen after everything is cleared.
  19. There are several videos of Crazanity testing on Instagram. Do a search for #crazanity . It's looks good, but not going to full.height.
  20. Does anyone know if this closure has happened yet? If so, where did they put up the "walls" to block the area and what attractions were included in the closed off area? I see them putting one "wall" right after the exit of Roaring Rapids heading down the hill and the other before/after Cyclone 500. Does anyone have any pictures of the closed off areas?
  21. July seems to be the norm for SFMM. Justice League opened in July of last year.
  22. July seems to be the norm for SFMM. Justice League opened in July of last year.
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