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  1. Even if someone isn't a religious person, Disney certainly acknowledges that many who visit their parks are......So whether you believe or not, at least Disney supports everyone. Be it religious or not, gay or straight, etc... When you enter the Disney kingdom you get to ESCAPE into a magical world, free from politics, agendas, and the stress of most our lives....Thank God this Oasis from our reality exists. Walt created something wonderful for all of us to enjoy.

  2. ^Yes I agree, I've attended Disneyland when it was a MAX capacity, and it can be a bit daunting. The hard working Disney cast members attempt to use their glow sticks to guide the massive crowds to go in a certain direction. (even if someone wants to do the complete opposite) To help keep the public moving in a certain 'safe' direction.

    Unfortunately do to its original design, there are limitations placed on the Disneyland Park regardless of how money they invest in improvements. With the latest Disney parks, they have incorporated these capacity issues into the design of the park. But with the iconic Disneyland they have to make do with the design elements from 60 years ago. (Walt never could have imagined that 15+ million people would be visiting Disneyland each year)

    Regardless, even on those high capacity days, the issues mainly come at night with the combination of the fireworks and Fantasmic crowds, and Disney has a procedure in place that works well enough. (Even if it upsets some guests) Like any other theme park, Disney will do what it can to keep its patrons happy within the design limitations of the park.

  3. Well the Walt Disney Company has plenty of financial resources to infuse into their Theme Parks if the choose to do so.

    They have a smart group of executives who know how much they need to invest in capital expenditures for maximum benefits for the parks. The TOT overlay is a smaller capital expense, the Star Wars land is a major long term (future growth) expense.

    They know that the public is going to visit their theme parks in large numbers for years to come no matter what they do.........


    What's interesting in terms of (MAJOR) capital expenses, is that the Disney is apparently in the running for the acquisition of social media giant Twitter. (Which Robb has been talking about on another thread) The cost to add Twitter to the Disney company has been estimated in the $20 BILLION range! Wow!

    Disney would likely want to acquire Twitter to appeal to the 'Digital Audiences' aka younger people.....But that's a rich price to pay for Twitter which doesn't currently earn much or any profit at this point???

  4. The Red Sox just clinched their 3rd division title in 10 years!

    Last year they finished in DEAD last place.........This year the division title!

    That's an amazing accomplishment for any team. This is David Ortiz final season, perhaps it will be his greatest accomplishment!

    Bring on the post season.......and no doubt the Cub's!

  5. Great Report! Looks like everyone had a cool time at the WCB!

    Living here in Socal I've had many In-N-Out Double Doubles over the years. There certainly hot and fresh off the grill when you get it, but there are others I like better such as the Habit, or Smash burger. (In-N-Out really gets them on $$$ price.)


    As for the Bible Scriptures I'd say they could have a possible subliminal effect on TPR members. I see a lot of 'Praying" on this site. People pray for those who have a bad incident at a park, they pray good weather, they pray for an awesome visit, and of course new coaster releases they ((so)) want to see!

    I know it takes a lot of effort on behalf of Robb & Elissa to make a Colossal Event like the WCB to come together. Glad to see it see it go well!

  6. Well Disney tolerates the various hotels on Harbor, because they have to. Those hotels provide zero revenue to Disney, yet they thrive because of Disney. But Disney can't go complete commando on the Harbor hotels, so they'll offer some type of side entry which will likely involve a long line/wait. Thus encouraging those guests to perhaps stay at a Disney hotel on their future visits.

  7. Well I assume this transformation will coincide with the release of the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie. (Disney is a master at promotion etc...) Personally I think this is a AWESOME idea! I really enjoyed the 1st guardian movie, and this somewhat dated attraction will benefit from a new overlay. (Much like Soarin' over CA has a new update, this will be better as well) An excellent move by Disney! The visuals look very impressive so far.

  8. I would love to have an Adventure Trail attraction here at my Orange County Disneyland, but someone might possibly get injured and need to file a million dollar plus lawsuit against Disney..........So that won't be happening anytime soon. That's one thing I like about the Alveys international trip reports, is all of the cool attractions that just aren't available here in the USA due to litigation concerns.

  9. I just recently visited Six Flags Magic Mountain, and was loading on 'Twisted Colossus' when our train was delayed departure due to the fact that they couldn't get the restraints to secure a large passenger. Sadly, this guy had to exit the attraction...but at least the ride attendants didn't try to accommodate him by forcing the restraints to exceed the recommended safety capacity of the ride.

    If you happen to be a large size adult, then you have to accept the fact that the rest of the world won't always be able to accommodate your physical requirements. At least this guy hadn't waited in some crazy long line, because we were there for the Automobile Club (AAA) event and the wait for Twisted Colossus was maybe 10 minutes or less. (And NO you shouldn't be allowed to sue Six Flags because they weren't able to accommodate all body types)

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