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  1. I imagine that Disney will do Everything in their power to open Cars Land by Memorial Day weekend. (the end of May)


    That would be a great launch into the summer season!


    I bet this addition will be a hugh success. (along the lines of Universal Orlando's Potter land)


    Many people 'believe' in Disney, and will want to see what this new addition has to offer.


    DCA will now be seen as a marque attraction,(worthy of a seperate admission) rather than Disneylands embarrassing stepchild. (aka2001)


    The Future looks bright!

  2. Wow! The Angels sign BOTH Wilson and Pujols?!


    Thank God my RedSox only face them a couple of times a year. Yikes!


    But, it is a great move for the Angels. They are in one of the biggest markets in the country, and they are up for new TV contract soon, (which is worth $$$millions) and the addition of these proven winners will enhance those negoiations considerably.


    Any case, the American league just got a bit stronger.

  3. Hey Robb,


    Now that you have relocated to Florida, are you still working in the gaming software industry? Or has the amazing site that is 'Theme Park Review' now become your complete focus.


    Whichever the case, I'm glad that you and Elissa have moved to Florida, because I know you both have wanted that for quite some time. I've been a part of these forums since they started, so I knew this would happen at some point.


    I've often wondered how you and Elissa manage TPR (and all it represents, between global trips, merchandise, the forums, Etc..) and a full time job at a your current company. But your software company was obviously willing to work with you, since you had enough 'time off' to travel the globe, and keep all of your fans up to date on some amazing international parks. (lets face it, without Theme Park Review most of us would not know about the majority international theme parks out there)


    In any case, the future looks bright, even if the updates no come from the great city of Valencia.

  4. Way to go Robb & Elissa!


    I have been part of the forums since they started, and I know that you were eager to leave CA (where I live) for some time, for the great state of Florida.


    I'm glad that you were able do this.


    Since I won't have to option to leave CA anytime soon, I want to wish you both the best in your new local.


    Theme Park Review will prosper wherever its located. The future looks bright!

  5. This is a great idea!


    Leave it to the Theme Park Masters to take it to the next level. Disney has made the leap forward towards innovative technologies. These tags open up endless possibilities, which I hope Disney uses to their full extent.


    Yes, it will expedite the entry process. (Those strollers ALWAYS slow everything down!!!)


    But, if they incorporate everything else, (like Fastpasses) all the better, I have no problem with that.


    Also, if 'Hotel' guests get some addition perks, well good for them! These people are spending large amounts to stay at these hotels, so I have no problem with that. If I was staying at a WDW hotel, then yes I would like the same.


    As a passholder to the Disneyland/DCA resort, I wouldn't have any issues with a hotel guest getting a little VIP treatment. An example would be the redue of Star Tours, whereas Fastpasses would often run out by noon, guests at the Disney hotels could get exclusive fastpasses well into the evenings.


    This represents the future of the industry, I'm glad that Robb and Elissa had the chance to view it first hand on this trip. This is typical of TPR, keeping us all up to date!

  6. I visited the parks yesterday and saw something interesting at the bag check area.


    A young couple ahead of me in line, were pulled aside by Disney security. The Disney personal wanted to see the guys camera and what photos he had just taken. The Disney security ask why were they taking pictures of their security check procedures, to which the guy said that he was just taking random photos.


    The couple were accommodating to the Disney security request, but I could have imagined that others would not have been so. The couple were sent on their way, but you could tell that they were a bit put off by the whole experience.


    As for the parks, a nice quite off-season day. Though if you were visiting Disneyland for the first time you may have been a bit disapointed, because Pirates was down for refurbishment, and both Space Mountain, and Haunted were closed to receive their holiday overlays.


    Disneys Construction Adventure (DCA) continues at a rapid pace, they have topped of the Carthay Circle building, and the shops are well underway for their redue.


    All looks good, bring on the Holiday Season!

  7. I stopped by the Disney Parks today, and changes were afoot.


    Over at DCA they have closed down the main entrance, and you are now shuttled back behind Soarin' Over CA.


    At Disneyland The Haunted Mansion is receiving its Holiday overlay.


    The summer crowds are dwindling and the Canoes have gone on hiatus.(At least on Mondays)


    Overall a fun day at the parks, with signs of change in the air.

  8. Well from what I've heard the general public looks on with a mixture of both disgust and amazement. Kind of like when freaks (Goth people, Furries, Theme Park Patch Jacket wearers) walk by you. Undercover security follows in the shadows, watching/waiting to pounce if necessary. Theme park cameras record their every move, as they go from one part of the park to another.


    Basically, its controlled chaos managed by the Theme Park master puppeteers Robb & Elissa. The Alveys control the movement of their flock as they traverse the theme park on their one-of-a-kind adventure. Of course the Alveys have to deal with their groupie fans as well. I hear that Elissa packs a can of Bear Mace to help fend off Robbs many female (as well as male) admires, who seek to 'use' him for their pent up lustful desires.


    Overall you have nothing to be concerned about, because this is the norm on a TPR trip. So save your pennies, build up your funds, because if you're fortunate enough to get to go on one of these crazy adventures, you certainly won't be disappointed.

  9. Well I had the chance to walk through the new gates yesterday on their grand opening day. They did a great job, the new entrance is a nice first step to the eventual redo of the entire front end of the park.


    The Carthay Circle construction is proceeding at a good pace as well. The park was fairly crowded, but with fast passes the lines were manageable. The Little Mermaid had about a 30 minute wait during the afternoon.


    Overall the endless construction continues all over the park, but a year from now it will all be done!

  10. For me it would be the People Mover at Disneyland.


    It was a great ride, where you could just kick back for 15 minutes and have a amazing view of tomorrowland. It didn't need any alteration, it was great the way it was. I never got tired of riding on it, and it was a fun way to just hang out with whoever you were with that day and relax.


    I hope that they can somehow bring it back again in the future.

  11. Thanks for posting this!


    My cousin was going to renew her pass at Disneyland on Monday (were doing a multi-day trip) but after I read this thread I called her and had her renew her pass today. Thanks to your post she saved $50.00 off her Deluxe renewal fee.


    This is why TPR is such a great site, it provides up to date information that benefits all of us! Way to go!

  12. This park (Disney CA Adventure) is finally coming together. (I love the transformation/ minus the endless construction walls) With new attractions and various changes, it will be worthy of the 'Disney' name.


    Personally, I would welcome a change from DCA, to (What larrygator suggested) Disney CA Studios.(It makes more sense) But that isn't likely to happen, (Disney wouldn't want to admit it made any kind of mistake) so DCA it is! (plus were use to DCA, I guess...)


    Once Cars Land is a hugh success, (Which I belive it will be) They will invest even more capital towards the improvement towards the rest of this Disney park.


    The future for the West Coast Disney Parks is bright, though I don't know if it will truly compare to their amazing east coast cousins. I can only hope!

  13. Way to go TPR! That's a great accomplishment.


    Robb you stated that you have around 3 million hits a year on TPR. I know you guys don't do pop-up ads Etc..., but if you did (like Screamscape) how much revenue would that bring in??? (By the way I love Screamscape and visit them often)


    It's amazing that TPR avoids all those forms of ad revenue. I have never 'used' my TPR membership, but I'll renew it every year if it helps the site. (You provide an amazing service to themepark fans)


    This site only gets better with time!

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