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  1. I attended the Automobile Club (AAA) event on Friday May 6th.

    This special event was from 6pm to midnight. It was a great time to attend, because the park had minimal crowds.

    We walked on most major attractions, with the exception of Revolution because someone vomited on the ride. I mean come on, really? this ride isn't intense at all....but that's how it goes. At least we got to check out the cool new Oculus VR head gear! What a great enhancement to this classic ride.

    Overall a great event, which I would recommend to everyone.

  2. Hey Xmeister that slide you posted looked amazing!

    I miss those type of slides because most parks in the US wont build them anymore. (Labor intensive/Injury risk etc...) One of my favorites was at Raging Waters in San Dimas, they had a slide called 'Raging Rivers' or something like that, where you started at the top of the mountain with a tube and you had multiple 'choices' on your way down the mountain. Sadly they replaced it with some type of multi-lane racing slide. But I had many years to enjoy it since I had a season pass while I lived near by.

  3. Well Disney is a master at promotion. So if they can promote Guardians of the Galaxy part 2 and a 'new' revamped Tower of Terror ride at DCA, then you can bet it will happen. Both will gets (((lots))) of news coverage and be a boom to the movie as well as DCA. Besides the back corner of that park could use some improvement, Marvel would be a welcome addition.

  4. Well my Red Sox did some nice retooling during the off season, and built a good foundation for this years run.

    I think the team to watch is the Cubs. It would be pretty amazing if Theo Epstein (who the Red Sox originally hired as their GM at age 28) could work the same magic for the Cubs........we'll see.

  5. Visited Disneyland on Thursday and had a great time.

    Wanted to mention to anyone planning a visit to head over to New Orleans Square train station. They have a train parked there and have installed a wooden bridge across the train tracks so you can check out the buildings on the other side. They also have multiple Train conductors who are around telling stories and giving informative history lessons about the park.

    Don't miss it!

  6. I know that TPR does a lot of filming/production work for various theme parks and their attractions. (just look at IAAPA)

    But I was curious if you've begun to use remote controlled drones??? (they get some negative press, but do fill a need)

    They would seem to be a natural addition to your filming services, that many theme parks demand.

    Besides in the past theme parks had to pay huge fee's for a 'helicopter crew' to film what a drone can do now at minimal cost.....

    Are you guys currently using or considering drones in the future?

  7. I usually check the email for any interesting stories. But if it were to come more than once a week, I would just likely delete those additional emails without checking on them.

    Also, do you choose the posts in the email because you think that's what people will find interesting? or because that story had the most page hits over the last week etc? I check in on TPR a few times a week, but I would guess there have been some obscure cool/fun posts that I may have missed. It would be nice to see a 'Hey you may have missed this' type story (something that perhaps got very few views) along with the big boys like Cedar Fair etc...

    Regardless, I hope you keep doing the emails because they're always informative and a good way to start off the week.

  8. I like the idea of this new system, but it all comes down to the cast member.

    I've seen many park patrons show up with their fast passes that weren't valid for another hour etc... and either the cast member says you have to wait, or they are ((non-confrontational)) and let them pass regardless of their stated time.

    I wish the video showed a person who scanned their ticket and was denied.....and seen the cast members reaction.

    But regardless, this is a step in the right direction!

  9. Disney is run by executives who know the demands on the parks. (attendance, merchandise sales, food etc...)

    The cost of the previous annual pass was determined to be to low, so they adjusted it to what they feel the market will stand.

    Oh and a year from now, guess what, the cost will likely bump from $1049.00 to $1200.00 or whatever.....with interest free payments for the frequent visitor its money well spent for many. (If that's not you, then there's many other ways to choose to spend your entertainment dollar)

    Like anything, if you want to play at Disneyland then you'll have to put up some serious resources. Disneyland is considered by many to be the upper end of the entertainment market, so if that's what your into, then you should be prepared to pay a premium.

  10. Well the last time I had an annual pass, was about 3 years ago and it ran me $499.00 for the year. I had zero issue with the price because I was attending the parks at least one day a week, and I felt I received ((Great)) value for the cost.(I so miss paddling canoes around the island!!!) Disneyland isn't some second rate park, it's DISNEYLAND and their isn't a better experience available for your dollar close bye.....

    Now with the uproar over the 'new' pass prices I do understand a bit.....The two lower passes don't include parking, and at (($18)) a visit....forget about it, its not worth it at all. Disney also eliminated 'free' parking at Downtown Disney by cutting it from 4 hours to 2 hours. Now doing a (quick) Disneyland visit is out as well.

    So either you choose to pay the full rate of either Signature passes, or pay for the INSANE parking cost. That's not a difficult choice........The Disney Signature pass runs about $62 a month, so if your a frequent visitor than you get a lot for that pass. If not than head to knotts.

  11. It is sad that these completely avoidable situations happen......and that the theme parks involved are put thru a 'colonoscopy' type examination by the lawyers representing the 'victims' families. (Because If I drop my phone while riding an attraction, I should be able to get it ASAP!!!)

    Anyhow, I'm sure the lawyers will say that since this theme park didn't want to invest in additional safety measures like I don't know....pressure sensitive mats, which could have alerted the ride operator to a possible incursion into the danger zone etc. Then the greedy amusement park is negligent!

    That is absurd! But the USA is a litigious country, and nobody wants to accept responsibility for their actions.

    We all make questionable decisions from time to time, but that doesn't mean 'others' should be held liable for our choices.

    This was a unfortunate accident.......nothing more.

  12. What surprises me most about the latest land acquisition, is the price???

    That ((small)) piece of land that the Carousel Inn is on gets $32 million, and ((massive)) property behind it which appears to be 5 or perhaps 7 times larger then the Carousal goes for only $16 million more?! How is that even possible???

    You would think the lawyers representing that sale would say, well its Disney and they have HUGH financial resources, they will pay what ever it takes to acquire our land. Because Disney needs the land for its future development no matter what the cost.......

    Yes there was a hotel on the other property, but there is also a Costco size building on the current one as well. Anyhow, good for Disney because that land acquisition gives them many options for future development of the Disneyland resort.

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