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  1. Holy crap, Fury 325 is going to be down for quite some time. There was a massive break on one of the support beams. Thankfully a visitor reported it before something bad could happen. Wow. I tried to link a video from Twitter, but I guess we can't?
  2. Wow, thanks. Fantastic write-up and great info. I'll hang on to this. Moved out here a few years ago and really miss having so many coasters and parks within a day's driving distance (Carowinds was my home park). It's slim pickings out here...
  3. Never been here before, but really thinking of coming up from Portland this summer to check it out. What are the lines usually like here? Can it get pretty slammed?
  4. We had a blast at our first Halloweekends two weeks ago. I loved all the little details around the park, and honestly, now I can't imagine going back to Cedar Point when it's not Halloweekends. I'd miss all the extra atmosphere. Anyway, I just wanted to throw a shoutout to my favorite detail from that weekend. As we were walking out of Midnight Syndicate, we just happened to glance off to the left and saw this... Creeeeeeeepy. I honestly gasped when I saw them. It was such a small detail, back in an uninhabited area of the park. And I bet 95% of visitors never even saw them. But such a great, unnerving touch. Good job.
  5. Not sure which Cedar Point some of these last posts were talking about, but we had a blast last Friday and Sunday at the Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. The park was beautiful, the haunts were fun, the rides had mostly short lines, and the food carts scattered throughout the bottom half of the park were a welcome addition. To put it simply, we had fun. Now we didn't go Saturday, but any quick search in this forum would have told you to avoid Saturday. Steel Vengeance was a wild ride, but Maverick is still #1 in my heart. Thanks to all you guys for convincing me to hit up Sky Ride, Cedar Downs, and the museum. The park has some real hidden gems if you look past the amazing coasters. And thanks for the Magnum seatbelt trick.
  6. Very excited to be headed to CP tonight for my first ever Halloweekends (but third trip overall). I'll be there Friday night and Sunday, with early entry on both days. What's the best way to balance coasters, scare zones, and mazes? Are there better times to focus on each of them? Thanks for any pointers...
  7. I've never been to Halloweekends before, but am planning on going this year. What are the crowd levels I should expect on the Friday and Sunday of the first weekend?
  8. Looking at making my first trip during Halloweekends this September. Staying at Hotel Breakers. Got a few questions. Is there anything that's closed due to the short 3-day weekend schedule? Or is everything (such as Perkins) open as if it's the regular operating schedule? Also, Fridays and Sundays (not Saturdays) are the best for crowd sizes during Halloweekends, right? When's the best time to focus on rides and when's the best time to focus on haunts? Thanks!
  9. Steel Vengeance is nice and all, but what's the early word on 2019? Seeing as CP just got a huge new coaster (and work on Carowinds' new coaster is well underway), I'm guessing something smaller? Maybe an area renovation/re-purposing? Looks like people seem to think something with the old stadium and Wicked Twister area? The newspaper surprisingly hasn't leaked any info yet.
  10. An innovative, intense volleyball court that frequently shuts down for repairs?
  11. OK...this is probably absurd and totally impossible and it's really late and I'm not thinking straight and feel free to laugh at it...but...what if it does duel? What if we're looking at two dueling monorails? We know RMC is working on the T-Rex concept. So what if they've figured out a way to do something similar, but on traditional, smaller side-by-side tracks? The trains would have to be staggered, since they're so close to each other...but...never mind...not gonna happen. Or is it?
  12. I see Afterburn and Banshee as polar opposites. Afterburn is short, tight, compact, intense, and leaves you exhilarated. But Banshee is enormous, graceful, swooping, and leaves you awe-inspired. And I love them both for that.
  13. Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Orlando The fake station, the theatrical Mummy appearance, the flames on the ceiling, then the descent into hell...it's an unexpected, cheesy, exhilarating blast.
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