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  1. Hello TPR! I have been a Coaster Enthusiast since I can remember. My first coaster was Timberline Twister at Knott's Berry Farm, my Top 5 coasters ridden (in no particular order) are Maverick, Tatsu, GateKeeper, Prowler, and anything that isn't a Boomerang. Favorite non-coaster attractions would be the Giant Frisbee, Screamin' Swing, and Top Spin (specifically Tomb Raider: The Ride. The Crypt is... interesting.) As far as not Theme Park related hoopla, I'm a musician, a Geek Squad agent, and my name is Donald!
  2. As someone who rode this thing, I find it odd how selectively strict they are. Groups are weighed, are given a spiel by an employee (which I am shocked that his parents weren't required to be around for that, they make you verbally acknowledge the rules to partake), are weighed again, then ascend the tower. Once you get up there, the staff doesn't really seem to care. I remember sitting in the raft, they slapped the velcro on me and said to hold on. That was about it. I understand other water rides/slides don't really have more safety in place, but this is a whole different beast. At the end of the day, Water Parks need to be held to the same, if not higher, scrutiny then Amusement Parks. There are so many uncontrollable variables at work when your source of momentum is water and gravity. No upstop wheels, no proper restraints. Water, air, and rubber. Something like this was bound to happen eventually, it's just unfortunate that it actually happened. The whole situation is unfortunate. Loose restraints are a mechanical failure that wasn't taken seriously, and metal framing for the netting wasn't smart. This whole thing is a giant cluster.
  3. My mistake, for some reason I remembered it being light to heavy, I was incorrect.
  4. Mods get rid of this post. I feel like I'm just fueling the fire of turning this into a speculation thread when that isn't necessary.
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